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Greeting Card atau kartu ucapan adalah kartu yang mengekspresikan persahabatan atau perasaan yang lain. Kartu ucapan ini biasanya diberi gambar dan tulisan yang menarik. Kartu ucapan diberikan untuk memberi perhatian kepada orang lain.

Kartu ucapan antara lain dapat berupa;

1.     Birthday card, diberikan pada saat seseorang berulang tahun,

2.     Thank you card, diberikan untuk mengungkapkan rasa terimakasih,

3.     Get-well card, kepada seseorang yang sakit untuk mengungkapkan harapan agar lekas sembuh,

4.     Congratulation card, diberikan untuk mengucapkan selamat kepada seseorang.

Bank Soal Bahasa Inggris Materi Greeting Card dengan Jawaban

The following text is for questions 1 and 2.

Dear Heni

Congratulation on your winning at the regional chess competition!

Your hard work has been paid off. Wishing you get the best result in the higher competition.

Good Luck!

Handy Mukti

1.     Why does Handy send the greeting card?

A.     To compliment Heni on her success.

B.     To congratulate Heni on her winning.

C.     To encourage Heni to be successful.

D.    To wish Heni win in the higher competition.

2.     How does Handy probably feel when gibing the greeting card to Heni?

A.     Proud.

B.     Anxious.

C.     Amused.

D.    Surprised.

The following text is for questions 3 and 4.

My dearest Brother Lukman,

Now you are turning 15. Wishing your birthday full of joy and wonderful memories.

Happy Birhtday!

May you have a healthy and long life and grab the bright future!


3.     Handy writes the text in order to …

A.     thank

B.     apologise

C.     compliment

D.    congratulate

4.     What is the relationship between Handy and Lukman?

A.    Siblings.

B.     Pen pals.

C.     Playmates.

D.    Schoolmates.

The following text is for questions 5 and 6.

Dear Mira

On the sad of loss your beloved mommy, with our deepest sympathy.

May your beloved mommy rest in peace. We do apologise we cannot come to the funeral. Wish you and your family hold on tightly and full of patience.

Warm regards,

Handy and family.

5.     What is the writters’ intention to write the card?

A.     To show their sadness.

B.     To express their condolences.

C.     To wish Mira and family be fine.

D.    To support Mira to face her hard time.

6.     From the text we know that …

A.    Handy’s family cares for Mira

B.     Handy’s mother has passed away

C.     Handy’s family attend the funeral

D.    Mira’s father has passed away

The following text is for questions 7 and 8.

Dear Noval

Sorry to hear you feeling unwell. In your rest and heal, I do hope you recover soon. I believe staying at your lovely home lead you fast recovery.

I know you are strong and can pass this situation.

Keep spirited!


7.     Handy wants to … Noval through this card.

A.     cure

B.     support

C.     examine

D.    accompany

8.     From the text, we know that Noval is …

A.     sick

B.     fine

C.     healthy

D.    hospitalized

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