Bank Soal Materi Greeting, Leave Taking, Gratitude, And Apology Dengan Jawaban

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The meaning of Greeting, Leave-Taking, Gratitude, and Apology

Greeting is something that is said or done to show people that you are happy to meet or see them. It is also defined as a message that expresses good wishes to someone.

Leave-taking is an act of going away and saying goodbye. It is also used when you want to end a conversation politely.

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation or thanks.

Apology is a statement saying that you are sorry about something wrong or an expression of regret fot not being able to do something.


List of content

·       Bank Soal Materi Greeting

·       Bank Soal Materi Leave-Taking

·       Bank Soal Materi Gratitude/Thanking

·       Bank Soal Materi Apology

Bank Soal Materi Greeting dengan Jawaban

1.     Mrs. Heni : Good morning dear.

Ghania    : ________________

A.     Good morning, Mom.

B.     Good morning to you.

C.     You’re very kind, Mom.

D.     The morning is good, Mom.

2.     Father     : How are you today, Ghania?

Ghania    : ___________________

A.     The day is fine.

B.     Today is Saturday.

C.     Fine. How about you, Bro?

D.    I am great. How about you, Dad?

3.     Ghania    : How do you do, Mr. Angga?

Mr. Angga           : ___________________

A.     Never better.

B.     How do you do, Ghania?

C.     Fine. How about you?

D.     I am great. How about yous?

4.     Teacher   : Good afternoon, students.

Students : ____________________

A.     Good bye, Ma’am.

B.     Good afternoon, Sir.

C.     Good afternoon, Mom.

D.     I am great. How about you?

5.     Ghania        : How’s life, Aisyah?

Aisyah         : ______________

A.     I am alive.

B.     I live on Jalan Kesatuan.

C.     Not bad. How about you Ghania?

D.     I am great. How about you, Dad?

6.     Ghania    : ___________

Aisyah     : Hi, Ghania. I am good, and you?

Ghania    : I am fine, thanks.

A.    Hi, Aisyah. I am okay.

B.     I am good, and you?

C.     Hello, Aisyah. Glad to see you.

D.    Hello, Aisyah. How are you doing?

7.     On the way home, you meet Mr. Handy on the bus. He is your neighbor. You greet him ______

A.    Good bye, Mr. Handy.

B.     Good afternoon, Dad.

C.     Good afternoon, Dear.

D.    Good afternoon, Mr. Handy.

8.     In the evening, you meet Mrs. Heni. She is your dance coach. You greet her ______

A.    Good bye, Ma’am.

B.     Good evening, Sir.

C.     Good evening, Miss.

D.    Good evening, Ma’am.

Bank Soal Materi Leave-Taking dengan Jawaban

1.     Mrs. Heni   : Good bye, Ghania. See you tomorrow.

Ghania       : _________________

A.     Thank you, Ma’am.

B.     Good night, M’am.

C.     Bye. See you, Ma’am.

D.    Nice to see you, Ma’am.

2.     Father        : Good night, my sweetheart.

Ghania       : __________

A.    Good night, Dad.

B.     Bye. See you, Dad.

C.     Good night, Mom.

D.    Nice to see you, Dad.

3.     Mr. Handy    : It’s time for going home.

                      Good bye, students.

Students       : ____________

A.     Fine how about you, Sir?

B.     Good afternoon, Sir.

C.     Good bye, Sir. See you tomorrow.

D.    Let’s go, Sir.

4.     Ghania  : Hi Aisyah, where are you going?

Aisyah   : Hello Ghania. I will go to hospital, my uncle is sick.

Ghania  : I’m sorry to hear that.

Aisyah   : Ok. See you later.

Ghania  : ________

A.    So long.

B.     You’re nice.

C.     Thank you, Bro.

D.    Nice to see you, Aisyah.

5.     Ghania  : ___________

Aisyah   : Sure. See you.

A.     Good day, Aisyah.

B.     Good morning, Aisyah.

C.     I’m sorry for coming late.

D.    I am afraid I have to go now.

6.     Your little sister wants to go to bed. You say ______

A.     Good night, see you tomorrow.

B.     Good evening, dear.

C.     Good bye. See you tomorrow.

D.    Good night, have a nice dream.

7.     You play football with your friends. Your father asks you to go home. You say, “________” friends.

A.    Good bye.

B.     Good night.

C.     Good evening.

D.    Good afternoon.

Bank Soal Materi Gratitude/Thanking dengan Jawaban

1.     Ghania     : Thanks for the gift, Aisyah.

Aisyah      : __________

A.     Fine, thanks.

B.     Never better.

C.     You’re welcome.

D.    I am great. How about you?

2.     Ghania     : Happy birthday, Dad. Long life and always be happy.

Dad          : ____________

A.     It’s okay.

B.     No, thanks.

C.     Wow, thank you, sweetie.

D.    I apologize for that I can’t.

3.     Ghania     : Thanks for the drink, Aisyah.

Aisyah      : _____________

A.     Forgive me.

B.     My pleasure.

C.     That’s alright.

D.    Very well, thanks.

4.     Ghania     : Thank you for lending me your money.

Aisyah      : ___________, next time you have to be more careful with your pocket.

A.     You’re nice.

B.     Here you are.

C.     Don’t mention it.

D.    Nice to meet you.

5.     Mrs. Heni : Thanks for helping me with the stuff, Ghania.

Ghania     : ____________

A.     Fine, thanks.

B.     Never better.

C.     Not at all, Mom.

D.    I am great. How about you?

6.     Ghania     : Let me help you to wash the bike, Dad.

Father      : _______

A.     I’m sorry.

B.     Not to bad.

C.     You’re welcome.

D.    Thank you, Dear.

7.     Ghania     : Can you help me to take care if my sister for a while?

Aisyah      : Sure, I can.

Ghania     : _______, Aisyah.

Aisyah      : Anytime.

A.    Thanks.

B.     That’s alright.

C.     You’re welcome.

D.    I’m happy to hear that.

8.     Ghania     : __________

Aisyah      : You’re welcome.

A.     Can you help me, please?

B.     I apologize for being late.

C.     I’m sorry I drop your glasses.

D.    Thanks for helping me with the stuff.

9.     Ghania     : ___________

Aisyah      : Don’t mention it.

A.     I’m okay, thanks.

B.     I’m sorry I broke your toy car.

C.     Please forgive me, I drop your phone.

D.    Thanks for helping me with the homework.

10.  You help your mother washing the dishes. She says ____.

A.     I’m sorry, dear.

B.     Thank you, dear.

C.     Forgive me.

D.    Hello, dear.

11.  You help your teacher cleaning the whiteboard. She thanks you. Your response is ______

A.     It’s alright, Ma’am.

B.     That’s okay. Ma’am.

C.     No problem, Ma’am.

D.    My pleasure, Ma’am.

Bank Soal Materi Apology dengan Jawaban

1.     Mr. Handy: You were absent yesterday

Firman     : ______________

A.     Thank you, Sir.

B.     You’re very kind, Sir.

C.     Sorry, Sir. It is the traffic jam.

D.    I’m sorry, Sir. I got a stomachache yesterday. I could not go to school.

2.     Ghania     : I’m sorry. I’m late, Sir. My bike has a flat tyre.

Mr. Handy: __________.

Ghania     : Yes, Sir.

A.     You’re welcome.

B.     I’m happy to hear that.

C.     I am great. How about you?

D.    That’s alright. Next time try to come earlier.

3.     Ghania     : Excuse me, I was in the line first.

Boy          : __________

A.     Thanks.

B.     Not good.

C.     Never mind.

D.    Oh, I’m sorry.

4.     Ghania     : Do you know where is Ali lives?

Aisyah      : Sorry, I don’t know.

Ghania     : ________, See you around.

Aisyah      : See you.

A.     Not bad.

B.     Good day.

C.     Never mind.

D.    Never better.

5.     Ghania     : Please forgive me, I broke your bicycle.

  It was slipped off. The road was slippery after raining.

Aisyah      : ____________

Ghania     : Yes, of course.

A.     I’m fine, thanks.

B.     You’re welcome.

C.     I am great. How about you?

D.    No problem. Next you have to be more careful.

6.     Ghania     : I’m sorry, Mom. I broke your favorite vase.

Mrs. Heni : ___________

A.     Oh, I’m fine.

B.     This is mine.

C.     You’re welcome.

D.    Never mind. Be careful next time.

7.     Mr. Handy            : Ghania, you didn’t do your homework. Why?

Ghania                 : ___________

A.     Thank you, Sir.

B.     You’re very kind, Sir.

C.     I’m sorry, Sir. I forgot.

D.    Sorry, Sir. it was the traffic jam.

8.     Librarian  : Your library card, please?

Ghania     : ___________

  I forgot to bring it.

Librarian  : So, you can’t borrow this book.

A.     It’s okay.

B.     Any time.

C.     I’m sorry, Sir.

D.    Thank you, Sir.

9.     Ghania     : Aisyah, help me please.

Aisyah      : _____________, I’m very tired.

A.     No problem.

B.     Many thanks.

C.     You’re welcome.

D.    I’m sorry that I can’t.

10.  You join in a football club. In the first day of the practice, you come late. You tell your coach ________

A.     Thanks for your kindness.

B.     I’m sorry I don’t know, Coach.

C.     I’m sorry for being late, Coach.

D.    Forgive me for my fault.

11.  You drop your father’s mobile phone. It’s broken. You say sorry to him. His response is ______

A.     I’m sorry, Dear.

B.     Oh my God, not at all.

C.     Don’t mention it, dear.

D.    That’s okay, dear. Be careful next time.

12.  On the bus you are stepping on someone’s foot. You say sorry to him. His response is ______

A.    I’m sorry.

B.     No problem.

C.     Thanks a lot.

D.    It is very kind of you.

13.  Ghania     : ____________

Aisyah      : No problem.

A.     How are you?

B.     Thanks for the gift, Aisyah.

C.     Thank you for lending me your pen.

D.    Please forgive me, I drop your camera.

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