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Notice atau pemberitahuan adalah informasi singkat dan sederhana yang ditujukan kepada banyak orang. Notice juga digunakan untuk memberi informasi, instruksi, atau peringatan kepada publik. Peringatan ini harus mudah dipahami dan mudah dibaca, oleh karena itu, peringatan selalu menggunakan kata-kata yang sederhana serta ditulis dengan jenis huruf yang sederhana pula dan biasanya dengan ukuran besar apabila notice tersebut singkat.

Bank Soal Materi Notice dengan Jawaban

The following text is for questions 1 and 2.


The lift out of action due to electrical damage. Please use stairs beside the lift.

We apologise for this inconvenience.

1.     What is the writer’s intention to write the notice?

A.    To ask people to use stairs.

B.     To show the stairs’ location.

C.     To apologise for the lift condition.

D.    To inform people about electrical damage.

2.     Where do you probably read the notice?

A.     In the park area.

B.     In a storey house.

C.     In a private house.

D.    In a skyscraper.

The following text is for questions 3 to 5.

To: School band’s members

            We are going to hold a charity programme to celebrate the school music club anniversary next month. We are going to perform a music show bands in a multipurpose building in front of our school. The donation will be distributed to people in need around our school. Please prepare yourselves to show your best performance. The committee will arrange the event.

Thank you


3.     What is the text about?

A.    The information about an event. 

B.     The explanation about school events.

C.     The notice about school band’s activities.

D.    The information about a school anniversary.

4.     What should the addressed people do after reading the text?

A.     Meet the sender.

B.     Arrange the event.

C.     Prepare the location.

D.    Practice with their bands.

5.     “We are going to hold a charity programme ….”

What does ‘charity’ mean?

A.     The celebration of an event.

B.     The voluntary giving of help.

C.     The act of presenting concert.

D.    The items given to others in need.

The following text is for questions 6 to 8.

Notice to Visitors

·       Visitors who are using handphone cameras, digital cameras or video cameras in the museum area will be charged. Please pay for the charge in ticket counter.

·       Ensure to stick the stickers on your devices during your trip. Lost of the stickers will be fined.

·       For those who are not using devices, please leave them at the museum counter. Keep the receipt.

·       Never use flash to take the pictures in the museum area to protect the worth historical items.


6.     What is the purpose of the notice?

A.     To remind visitors to use their camera devices.

B.     To explain visitors how to use camera devices properly.

C.     To inform visitors about the rules of using camera devices.

D.    To notify visitors to leave their camera devices in the counter.

7.     What should visitors do to have permission to take photos?

A.     Visit the museum counter.

B.     Pay for the fine at the ticket counter.

C.     Buy the stickers at the ticket counter.

D.    Collect their cameras at the museum counter.

8.     What will happen if visitors ignore the notice?

A.     They will be fined.

B.     The will be in trouble.

C.     They will lose their cameras.

D.    They will distrub other visitors.

The following text is for question 9 and 10.


Pelase don’t park your bicycles in the parking lot near the laboratory building because it is under construction.

We will not responsible to any damage because of the fault in parking your vehicles.

Handy Mukti, S.Pd. Gr

Head Management

9.     Where do you probably read the notice?

A.     In the laboratory buiding,

B.     In the Head Management’s room.

C.     At all the parking lot in front of the school.

D.    In the bicycle shed near the laboratory.

10.  What does it mean if a student parks his/her bicycle near the laboratory building?

A.     The student should pay the fine.

B.     The place is highly recommended to park.

C.     The head management endures the bicycle damage.

D.    The damage of his/her bicycle will be his/her own risk.


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