Contoh soal short answer dan essay – materi descriptive text kelas 7 smp

Summary Descriptive Text

Pengertian Descriptive Text / Definition of Descriptive Text

What is descriptive text? Descriptive Text is a text which tells us what a person or a thing is like. Like, describes the character of a person, animal, place, or thing.
Descriptive text adalah sebuah teks yang menjelaskan kepada kita tentang suatu benda. Misalnya, mendeskripsikan karakteristik orang, hewan, tempat binatang atau suatu benda.

The Purpose of Descriptive Text

Its purpose is to describe and reveal a particular person, place, or thing.
Descriptive text bertujuan mendeskripsikan dan mengungkap orang, tempat dan benda tertentu.

Ciri-Ciri Descriptive Text / The Characteristic of Descriptive Text

• Using attribute verb, such as ( am, is, are)
  Verb yang digunakan yaitu attribute verb, seperti be (am, is, are)
• Using simple present tense 
  Tense yang digunakan yaitu simple present tense
• Focused on one subject / Thing
  Hanya fokus pada satu objek tersebut.

Struktur Descriptive Text / Generic Structures Descriptive Text

In this part identification contains about the general introduction of a person, place, animal or object will be described
Bagian identification ini berisi pendahuluan umum tentang orang, tempat, hewan, atau suatu object yang akan di deskripsikan.
The function of identification is to introduce something we describe, in order, the reader and listener are not miss-understanding. 
Identification berfungsi sebagai pengenalan dari apa yang kita sedang jelaskan. supaya para pembaca atau pendengar tidak salah mengerti.
It contains a description of something such as animal, things, place, or person by describing its features, forms, colors, or anything related to what the writer describes.
Pada bagian description berisi ciri-ciri khusus atau sifat-sifat yang terdapat dalam benda, orang, atau binatang yang penulis jelaskan.

Ciri Kebahasaan Descriptive Text / Language Features of Descriptive Text

Noun : Menggunakan kata benda yang spesifik, seperti misalnya my cat, my boyfriend, National Monument, Selain itu, sering juga menggunakan adjective (kata sifat) untuk memperjelas penggunaan noun atau kata benda, seperti a big house, a smart student, an independence woman.
Simple present tense : menggunakan kata kerja dasar atau bentuk pertama (verb 1) serta menggunakan kata kerja yang dapat menunjukkan kepemilikan atau keadaan sebuah objek. Descriptive text menggunakan simple present tense karena descriptive text menceritakan sebuah fakta dari objek yang dideskripsikan. Misalnya My office has 22 floors, Queen is pretty, dan lain-lain.
Action verbs : Menggunakan kata kerja yang menunjukkan sebuah kegiatan atau sebuah aktifitas yang bisa dilihat. Misalnya, sleep, walk, sing, dance, dll.
Figurative language : Menggunakan bahasa yang figurative atau menggambarkan sesuatu, Biasanya menggunakan sebuah metafora untuk memberikan ilustrasi kepada pembaca. Misalnya:
  • My love for you is as big as the ocean. – Cintaku padamu seluas lautan.
  • Her skin is as white as the snow – Kulitnya seputih salju.

Contoh soal short answer descriptive text - 1

Text-1. For questions 1-5, read the text carefully. Then, fill in the blanks. 
Singapore is a city state; it is a city but it is also a state. It is a Republic. Along with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Philippines and Brunei, it belongs to ASEAN, the association of South-East Asian Nations. Like Indonesia, Singapore is a country of Thineka Tunggal &a' Chinese, Malaysia, Indians and Eura-sians make up its citizens. Other Asians, including Indonesia, Japanese, Philippines, Koreans, Thais and Arabs also live on that tiny island. Singapore is sometimes called 'Instant Asia' because you can see varieties of customs, cultures and foods or nearly all Asia in Singapore. 
1. Singapore is not only a city but also a .... 
2. Singapore and others countries in Southeast Asia form an organization called .... 
3. According to the text, Singapore is sometimes called .... 
4. Singapore is a country of.... (par 2). The synonym of the bold word is .... 
5. Singapore is not big in ... because it only has a small island and the smaller ones. 

Contoh soal essay descriptive text - 1

Text-2. Read the text to answer questions 6-10. 
Simien National Park was one of the first sites to be listed in 1978. It is one of the highest mountain areas in Africa, and the World Heritage List (WHL) calls it 'one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world'. It is also important for its wildlife. Rare animals like the Gelada baboon and the Simien fox live there. It is also the only place in the world where you can find the Walia ibex, a type of goat. The population of this animal is getting smaller and smaller. That's why the site is now on the List of World Heritage in Danger. Source: lutpSwwwbritishcounciLorg 
1. The text talks about .... 
2. We cannot find .... except in Simien National Park. 
3. The word 'it' (line 2) refers to .... 
4. The synonym of the word 'rare' (line 3) is .... 
5. The site is in danger because .... 

Contoh soal short answer descriptive text - 2

Read the text once again, and fill the grid based on it.
Title of the text:
Main idea :

Title of the text:
Main idea of paragraph 1:
Main idea of paragraph 2:

Find the synonyms of these words
a. little:
b. beautiful:
c. silent:
d. close to:
e. road:

Contoh soal essay descriptive text - 2

Read the following text to answer the questions. 
My Sam 
This is my robot. His name is Sam. 
Sam has two arms, three round eyes, two ears and an antenna on his head. He is tall and handsome and made of metal. Sam wears a black tuxedo. He walks fast, though he has only one leg. 
Sam is a helpful robot. He plays with me and helps mum serve meals. 
1. Who is Sam? 
2. What are his characteristics? 
3. What does he wear? 
4. Why does Firman say that Sam is a helpful robot? 
5. Does Firman like Sam or not? How do you know? 

Contoh soal short answer descriptve text - 3

Complete the following text with the provided words

a. favourite 
b. believe 
c. bad 
d. poem 
e. love 
f. cover 
g. pages 
h. pictures 
i. secret
j. colours 

My Diary I have a new diary. It soon becomes my favourite thing. I like writing about my days in the diary. The diary has a blue (1).....Blue is my (2).....colour. There are a hundred (3).....inside the diary. The pages are in different (4).....Each page has a washed-out background. The backgrounds are the (5).....of the super league heroes. Another special thing about my new diary is that it has a lock to keep the diary a (6).....On the first page, there is a beautiful (7).....The poet tells about the importance of keeping memories. It says "(8).....memories are to learn and good memories are to entertain". I (9).....the poem. It encourages me to keep a diary. By doing so, I (10).....I can improve my English.

Contoh soal essay descriptive text - 3

Answer the following questions based on the text before.
1. What is the colour of the writer's diary? 
2. Why does the writer like the diary? 
3. How many pages does the diary have? 
4. What are the pages like? 
5. What picture is on each page? 
6. What makes the diary a secret? 
7. Who says that keeping memories is important? 
8. How does the writer improve her English with the diary?