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mediainggris.com - Hai semuanya pada kesempatan kali ini kami ingin membagikan contoh soal descriptive text kelas 7 pilhan ganda yang di lengkapi dengan jawaban di akhir artikel ini.

Berikut 40 Contoh Soal Descriptive Text Kelas 7 Pilihan Ganda Lengkap Dengan Jawaban

Choose and cross (X) the correct answers.

Read the following text to answer questions 1 to 3.

I have a new backpack. Its color is light green. I always take it when I go to school. It is made of strong fabric.

My backpack has several parts. The first part is the pocket where I put my money and library card. The second part is the main part. I always put my books and pencil case in it. The third part is a small pocket on the left side of the backpack. I keep a bottle of water in this pocket.

1.     What does the text tell us about?

A.    The backpack's material.

B.    The parts of the backpack.

C.     The writer's new backpack.

D.    The writer's favorite color.

2.     How many parts does the backpack have?

A.    One part.

B.    Two parts.

C.     Four parts.

D.    Three parts.

3.     Where does the writer put his water bottle? In the...part of the backpack.

A.    first

B.    third

C.     fourth

D.    second

The following text is for questions 4 to 7.

Let me tell you about my bedroom. There are many kinds of furniture in my bedroom. In the centre of my room, there is my bed. The bed is made of wood. There is a nice bed cover and a warm blanket for my bed. On the right side of my bed, there is a wardrobe. I put my clothes in it. On the left side of my bed, there is a bookshelf. I put my books there. There IS a table and a chair next to the shelf. I usually sit there to study. On the table, there is a desk lamp. When I study in the evening, I always turn on the lamp. There is also an alarm clock on my table. I set the alarm in the evening before I go to bed. It wakes me up in the morning. I always clean my bedroom every day. I arrange things neatly to make my bedroom comfortable to live in.

4.     The text mainly tells us about . . .

A.    the furniture in the writer's bedroom

B.    the kinds of furniture in a bedroom

C.     the bed in the writer's bedroom

D.    the writer's bedroom

5.     What is the bed like?

A.    A cozy wooden bedroom.

B.    In the center of the room.

C.     Nice and large.

D.    Small but nice.

6.     Where is the location of the desk lamp?

A.    On the table.

B.    Next to the bed.

C.     Next to the table.

D.    Behind the alarm clock.

7.     What is the function of the alarm clock?

A.    To give information about the weather.

B.    To wake the writer up in the morning.

C.     To make the writer sleep.

D.    To tell the time to sleep.

The following text is for questions 8 to 11.

Milo is my pet. He is my lovely cat. He is not an expensive cat. I found him in front of my house. Though he is not a pricey cat, I love him so much.

Milo has long whiskers and green eyes. He is orange with two gradations of colors. He is not fat though he eats a lot because he is very active. He likes to play with balls, but his favorite toy is a ball of yarn. He likes to roll it and then chase it. Once he catches it, he throws it from one of his front paws to the other one. At night, he always sleeps with me.


8.     How many gradations of colors does the cat have?

A.    One.

B.    Two.

C.     Four.

D.    Three.

9.     What does Milo do it he catches the yam?

A.    He eats it.

B.    He kicks it.

C.     He throws it.

D.    He gets on the yarn.

10.       What is the text about?

A.    Instructions to have a cat.

B.    A description of cats in general.

C.     A description of the writer's cat.

D.    A story about a cat's adventure.

11.       What does the word "pricey" mean?

A.    Cheap.

B.    Expensive.

C.     Reasonable.

D.    Economical. 

The following text is for questions 12 to 15.

I have a best friend. His name is Arkan. Arkan is my classmate. He is tall and a bit fat. He has curly hair. He wears a pair of glasses. His hobby is reading and playing PlayStation. When we have spare time, we always play PS together. We usually play it in the afternoon from three to four. Arkan is the same age as I am. He is thirteen years old. Most of my friends like Arkan because he is a nice boy. He is polite and helpful.

12.       What does Arkan look like?

A.    He is fat and wears a pair of glasses.

B.    He is short with curly hair.

C.     He is fat and short.

D.    He is tall and thin.

13.       When does the writer usually play PlayStation?

A.    In the afternoon from 2 to 4.

B.    After reading books.

C.     In his spare time.

D.    After studying.

14.       How old is the writer?

A.    11 years old.

B.    12 years old.

C.     13 years old.

D.    14 years old.

15.       Which the statement is TRUE according to the text?

A.    Arkan is a polite boy.

B. The writer wears glasses.

C.     The writer does not like playing PlayStation.

D.    Arkan always plays PlayStation in the evening.

The following text is for questions 16 to 19.

Ayu Okvitawanli is one of the people recorded in MURI (Museum Rekor Indonesia). Do you know why? Right! She is the youngest novelist in Indonesia. Her novel is entitled Siapa Pembunuh Mistenus Itu? This novel tells about mysterious murders.

Ayu enjoys studying and reading very much. Her favorite subjects are science maths and English. Her favorite writers are N.H. Dini, J.K. Rowling and the queen of detective stories, Agatha Christie.

16.       Ayu is recorded in MURI because...

A.    she is the youngest novelist in Indonesia

B.    she is a fan of N.H. Dini

C.     she likes reading

D.    she likes science

17.       What does Ayu's novel tell about?

A.    Science in murders.

B.    Mysterious murders.

C.     The youngest novelist.

D.    The mystery of a novel.

18.       What subjects doES Ayu like?

A.    Maths.

B.    English.

C.     Maths and English.

D.    Maths, English and science.

19.       How many writers does Ayu like?

A.    One.

B.    Two.

C.     Four.

D.    Three.

The following text is for questions 20 to 23.

My name is Jonathan. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Let me tell you about my daily activities.

I always go to school early in the morning, but I hardly ever go home early because I always go to school and return home on foot. My school is about seven kilometers from my house. The bus fare is too expensive for me.

After school, most of my friends practice African dances, but I cannot join them because I have to help my parents. I must get water from a well and babysit my sisters. I have two sisters. Sometimes, I do my homework in the evening, but at other times I'm too tired to do it.

20.       The text mainly discusses...

A.    Jonathan's activities in the morning

B.    Jonathan's daily activities

C.     the expensive bus fares

D.    Cape Town

21.       Which of the following statement is NOT true?

A.    Jonathan has two sisters.

B.    Jonathan lives in South Africa.

C.     Jonathan always studies in the evening.

D.    Jonathan's school is far from his house.

22.       What does Jonathan do after school?

A.    He practices dancing with his friends.

B.    He plays with his friends.

C.     He does his homework.

D.    He helps his parents.

23.       Why does Jonathan always come home late?

A.    He practices dancing with his friends.

B.    He returns home on foot.

C.     He babysits his sisters.

D.    He walks very slowly.

The following text is for questions 24 to 27.

This man works when we sleep at night. He uses a big telescope to help him. He is Taufiq Hidayat. He is an astronomer.

From Monday to Saturday, Taufiq goes to Bosscha Observatory, Lembang. He uses a big telescope and a computer to observe the stars. Then, he uses maths and physics to create theories.

24.       What does Taufiq Hidayat do?

A.    He is a maths teacher.

B.    He is an astronomer.

C.     He is an astronaut.

D.    He is a pilot.

25.       Where does he work?

A.    At Bosscha Observatory, Lembang.

B.    In outer space.

C.     At a laboratory.

D.    On the Moon.

26.       What does he need in doing his job?

A.    A telescope and a computer.

B.    A healthy physical condition.

C.     Some astronomers.

D.    A big laboratory.

27.       How can an astronomer help astronauts?

A.    He helps them land on the Moon and put satellites in the outer space.

B.    An astronomer helps astronauts by giving information about stars.

C.     An astronomer helps astronauts fly the planes.

D.    He helps them land the planes on the Earth.

The following text is for questions 28 to 31.

We have a new neighbor, the Yamamotos. They come from Japan. They moved to our city two weeks ago. Mr. Yamamoto works for a mining company in Riau, but his wife stays at home. The Yamamotos have one daughter. Her name is Ako. She is twelve years old. She goes to the same school as I do. In fact, she is my classmate.

I often visit Ako's house. I usually go there in the afternoon. Ako and I like to study together. Sometimes, I go to her house to have a nice chat. I teach her Indonesian. I also love to hear about Japan from her. I dream about going there someday. Ako is a nice girl. She often shows me some photographs of her family.

28.       What does Mrs. Yamamoto do?

A.    She is a mining worker.

B.    She is a housewife.

C.     She is a teacher.

D.    She is a student.

29.       Where does Mr. Yamamoto work?

A.    In a housing area in Riau.

B.    In a mining company.

C.     In Tokyo, Japan.

D.    At home.

30.       How long have the Yamamotos stayed in Indonesia?

A.    1 year

B.    2 years

C.     2 weeks

D.    2 months

31.       What does the writer dream of?

A.    Working in a mining company.

B.    Having a nice friend like Ako.

C.     Visiting Japan someday.

D.    Going to Riau someday.

Complete the text to answer questions 32 to 34.

I want to describe my father. He is about forty-five years old. He is about 170 cm (32)... He has a round face and short, black hair. He has big eyes and a flat nose. My father likes doing sports, especially (33). . . . His favorite is Tae Kwon Do. He has a red belt. My father usually helps me when I find (34). .. in doing my homework. He is also nice to my friends. My father is my idol.

32.        . . .

A.    short

B.    thin

C.     fat

D.    tall

33.        . . .

A.    running

B.    wrestling

C.     martial arts

D.    water sports

34.        . . .

A.    stories

B.    bonuses

C.     difficulties

D.    information

Complete the text to answer questions 35 to 37.

It was my birthday yesterday. got a special (35) . . .  from my mother. It was an electric guitar. The body of the guitar is red, while the handle is light brown.

The guitar is a bit heavy, but that's okay. The guitar is (36)... wood. The (37)... is so smooth and shiny. The strings are also very nice and strong. I'm so proud of my new guitar.

35.        . . .

A.    presentation

B.    present

C.     reward

D.    word

36.        . . .

A.    looked

B.    fond of

C.     made of

D.    the same as

37.        . . .

A.    price

B.    sound

C.     surface

D.    problem

Complete the text to answer questions 38 to 40.

Hello! My name's Zahra. I'm a (38) . . . .I work in a laboratory. I wear a white lab coat, rubber gloves and a hat to cover my (39) . . . Sometimes, I wear goggles to protect my eyes and a mask to (40).... my mouth and nose.

38.        . . .

A.    journalist

B.    scientist

C.     teacher

D.    cook

39.        . . .

A.    hair

B.    eyes

C.     face

D.    hands

40.        . . .

A.    stay

B.    see

C.     open

D.    cover


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