Contoh soal pilihan ganda – materi asking for attention, checking understanding, compliment, giving and asking opinion kelas 8 smp kurikulum 2013

Bagi kalian yang sedang mencari contoh soal Pilihan Ganda (PG) / Multiple choice materi asking for attention, checking someone’s understanding, compliment, to ask and give opinion, anda menemukan artikel yang tepat. Contoh soal ini bisa anda gunakan untuk berlatih mengerjakan soal-soal pada materi tersebut di kelas 8, dan juga bisa di jadikan sebagai bahan quiz maupun ulangan harian. Disini kami sediakan 36 contoh soal multiple choice dengan jawabannya. Bagi yang ingin membaca materi terkait soal ini silahkan kunjungi salah satu materinya di bawah ini:

-Bacaan Terkait-

Baiklah langsung saja berikut ini adalah contoh 36 soal PG materi asking for attention, checking someone’s understanding, compliment, to ask and give opinion.

Choose the correct answer!

1.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.


: I think Heru is the nicest student in our class? What do you think?


:  . . . . He is always helpful

A.      I don't think so.

B.      I don't agree.

C.      Impossible.

D.     I think so.

2.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.


: Shall we have a picnic to Pangandaran beach this weekend?


: . . . It will be fun.

A.      Oh, I disagree.

B.      I'm sorry I can't.

C.      That would be great.

D.     What a tiring journey.

3.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.

Mr. Mukti

: What do you think of our new house, dear?


: . . . I don't have any place to put my stuff.

A.      It is the best place I believe.

B.     I think it's too small.

C.      It is beautiful I think.

D.     I think it is lovely.

4.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.


: What do you think of our new classmate, Angga?


: He is a really . .. student


: I think so. He makes friends easily. Nearly all of our friends know him well in just a month.

A.      shy

B.     sociable

C.      talkative

D.     stubborn

5.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.


: You look very happy, Dini. What's happened?


: Guess what? I got a hundred in the last English test.


: . . . Congratulations on your achievement.


: Thanks.

A.      I don't believe it.

B.      What happened?

C.      That's too bad.

D.     Fantastic!

6.      Read the dialog and choose the best answer to complete the blank.


: Did you see what the fireman did?


: Yes. He saved the lady just in time. He climbed the ladder so quickly and jumped into the fire so bravely. . . .


: Yeah! He is a dedicated person.

A.     What a brave man he is!

B.      What a careless man!

C.      What a poor man!

D.     How poor!

For questions 7 and 8, complete the dialogue below.

Justine is helping Azkha doing his homework.


: This enzyme helps our body digest food.


: Mmmm, I don't get it.


: (7) . . .


: Well, I'm not sure I know what you mean.


: (8) . . .


: Yes, please.

7.      . . .

A.     Do you know what I'm talking about?

B.      Can you tell me once again?

C.      What do you mean?

D.     Do you believe it?

8.      . . .

A.      Do you ask me?

B.      Can you help me?

C.      Do you need any help?

D.     Do you want me to repeat my explanation?

For questions 9 and 10, complete the dialogue below.


: Listen! I've got news for you.


: (9) . . .


: Si Bonar is going to come to my neighbourhood.


: No kidding! When?


: This afternoon.


: (10) . . . Let's go there after school.

9.      . . .

A.     What's up?

B.      Where?

C.      When?

D.     Why?

10.  . . .

A.      Good afternoon.

B.      It's my house.

C.      You are right!

D.     Terrific!

For questions 11 and 12, complete the dialogue below.


: Do you think China will win the Uber Cup?


: (11) . . . They play beautifully. Why? Don't you think so?


: Well, (12) . . . They could play better. I think Indonesia will beat them.

11.  . . .

A.      I don't think so.

B.      I'm not happy.

C.      I'm not sure.

D.     Definitely.

12.  . . .

A.      I am with you.

B.      I agree with you.

C.      That's a good idea.

D.     I'm doubtful about that.

For questions 13 to 15, complete the dialogue below.

In a teacher's room.


: (13) . . , sir.

Mr. Mukti

: It's alright. Can I help you, Dimas?


: Yes. Actually, I just want to ask for your permission.

Mr. Mukti

: I'm not sure I get your point, Dimas. (14) . . .


: Well, do you mind if I come late tomorrow?

Mr. Mukti

: Why?


: Because I'm not sure I can get up early tomorrow.

Mr. Mukti

: Is that because of tonight's football match?


: Yes, it is. The final match will be tonight.

Mr. Mukti

: Well, Andi, in that case (15) . . . I'm really sorry.

13.  . . .

A.     Sorry to bother you

B.      Good morning

C.      There you are

D.     Hello

14.  . . .

A.      I understand what you mean.

B.     Please, tell me more clearly.

C.      I see what you're saying.

D.     Please, sit down.

15.  . . .

A.      it's OK

B.      it's a good idea

C.      I cannot give you permission

D.     you can come to school late tomorrow

For questions 16 to 18, complete the dialogue below.

Mother and Dina are in the kitchen.


: This is the way to make this cake. First, put all ingredients in the bowl.


: OK.


: Then, mix the ingredients with the mixer at medium speed. (16) . . .


: Yes, I understand.


: When it's done, you can prepare the molds and the oven. And your cake is ready.


: Slow down, Mum. (17) . . .


: Sorry, dear.


: Well, what should I do with the molds?


: Oh, I forgot about that. You must smear the molds with some butter.


: (18) . . .


: Then, pour the butter into the molds. And put them into the oven.

16.  . . .

A.      Is it difficult?

B.      Do you like it?

C.      Is the bowl big enough?

D.     Are you with me?

17.  . . .

A.     I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

B.      I know you like cooking very much.

C.      Please, repeat from the beginning.

D.     Let's talk about something else.

18.  . . .

A.     OK.

B.      It's weird.

C.      I'm confused.

D.     I don't understand.

For questions 19 to 22, complete the dialogue below.


: Can I have your attention, please.


: (19) . . .


: We are going to have an outing to Jatim Park II.


: Hurray!


: Listen to me, please.


: Yes, ma'am.


: (20) . . . So, I want you to bring a raincoat or umbrella with you.

The students are very noisy. They are too excited.


: Excuse me, class!


: Yes, ma'am.


: (21) . . .


: We do, ma'am.


: (22) . . .


: An umbrella and a raincoat.


: Good.

19.  . . .

A.     Alright.

B.      No, you can't.

C.      I don't believe it.

D.     Are you kidding?

20.  . . .

A.      We are going to go on a sunny day.

B.      Malang is sunny at this time of year.

C.      We are going to go in the dry season.

D.     It rains a lot in Malang at this time of the year.

21.  . . .

A.      Are you alright?

B.      What do you do?

C.      Do you follow me?

D.     What are we doing?

22.  . . .

A.      What can we do at Jatim Park II?

B.      Why are we going to Jatim Park II?

C.      When are we going to Jatim Park II?

D.     What should you bring to Jatim Park II?

For questions 23 to 26, complete the dialogue below.

A journalist is interviewing an online celebrity, Handy Mukti.


: Now, you have a lot of followers in your social media.


: Well, that's true.


: (23) . . .


: Thanks.


: By the way, (24) . . . now?


: I'm a medical student at a university in Yogyakarta.


: Many people like your posts. What are your (25) ... to be a successful celebrity like that?


: Well, I always do my best to respond to their comments.


:  (26) . . ., Handy


: Thanks

23.  . . .

A.      You are beautiful.

B.     Congratulations.

C.      I am happy too.

D.     You like it?

24.  . . .

A.     what are you doing

B.      where are you now

C.      where do you live

D.     how are you now

25.  . . .

A.      recipe

B.      notes

C.      steps

D.     tips

26.  . . .

A.     Well done

B.      Have a great party

C.      That's a good idea

D.     What a beautiful day

The following text is for questions 27 to 31.

Dear Hannah,

Congratulations on your new book. I went to “Can Do” Book Store yesterday and bought one. I really like it because of your vivid description of all the places. The way you explain how to get to the places is also interesting. As for me who don't travel a lot and don't know many places, by reading your book, I feel like I have visited those places. Keep doing the good work, Hannah.


Love you so much.




27.  What is Hannah’s job?

A.      A book store manager.

B.      A tour guide.

C.      An author.

D.     A teacher.

28.  What does Rina think about the book?

A.     It's very good.

B.      It's expensive.

C.      It's boring.

D.     It's thick.

29.  From the text, we can conclude that Hannah . . . .

A.     likes travelling very much

B.      has many hobbies

C.      lives in Jakarta

D.     is Rina's sister

30.  What can the readers get from the book?

A.      A recipe to prepare instant food.

B.      Instructions on how to work hard.

C.      Descriptions of places and directions to get to them.

D.     The list of things a traveller should bring for his journey.

31.  “I really like it because of your vivid description . . . ." The underlined word has a similar meaning to . . . .

A.     brilliant

B.      vogue

C.      long

D.     dim

The following text is for questions 32 to 36.

Dear Moza,

I'm happy to know that you are going to have your school vacation next month. I think you should come here. I'll take you to some interesting places in Medan. You are interested in historical places, aren't you? There are many amazing places here. We'll go to Maimun Palace, Shri Mariamman Temple, and the Great Mosque. And I think you should also visit the crocodile breeding place! You will see crocodiles roaming around a large lake. You will like this place, Taman Penangkaran Buaya Asam Kumbang. I attach a photo. So, fly to Medan, Moza. I'm waiting.


Big hug,



32.  Who will have a school vacation next month?

A.      Medan students.

B.      Teachers.

C.      Moza.

D.     Ayu.

33.  What is Moza interested in?

A.     Old stuff.

B.      Beaches.

C.      Reptiles.

D.     Lakes.

34.  What can the visitors see in Taman Penangkaran Buaya Asam Kumbang?

A.     Crocodiles.

B.      Old houses.

C.      Various fish

D.     Photo booths.

35.  Why did Ayu attach the photo?

A.      To scare Moza with crocodile pictures.

B.     To persuade Moza to come to Medan.

C.      To show Moza the mosque.

D.     To help Moza find the place.

36.  How will Moza probably go to Medan?

A.      By private car.

B.     By plane.

C.      By ship.

D.     By bus.


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