5 TOEFL Structure Exercise With Answer [t-s-pt-2-9-10-23]

5 soal latihan toefl structure dengan jawaban, dapat kalian pakai untuk berlatih tes toefl.


5 TOEFL Structure Exercise

1. The Liberty Bell, ________ its own pavilion on Independence Mall, hung for nearly a century at Independence Hall.
A. that now has
B. now has
C. when does it have
D. which now has

2. Not until about 8,000 years ago ________ come into use.
A. bronze tools for weapons
B. bronze tools for weapons have
C. bronze tools for weapons were to 
D. did bronze tools for weapons

3. The state of Michigan can rightfully claim to be a "Water Wonderland" _______ has a 3,121-mile shoreline.
A. because
B. that
C. in that it
D. that it

4. ________, glacial sediment, the moisten the surface soil becomes.
A. It is thicker
B. In the thick
C. The thicker the 
D. The thick

5. _______ cut away, the wheel could be strengthened with struts or crossbars.
A. Were large sections of a wheel 
B. Large sect ions of a wheel
C. Large sections of a wheel were
D. Large sections of a wheel to

Key Answer

1. D
2. D
3. C
4. C
5. A