10 TOEFL Structure Exercise With Answer [t-s-pt-1-9-10-23]

10 Soal Latihan TOEFL With Answer

mediainggris.com - The TOEFL Structure exercise is an integral part of the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exam, designed to assess a test-taker's understanding of English grammar and sentence structure. This exercise typically consists of questions that evaluate your ability to identify and correct errors in sentences. Here are some key aspects to consider in a review of this exercise:

Grammar Assessment: The TOEFL Structure exercise is an effective tool for evaluating a test-taker's grasp of English grammar rules. It includes questions on verb tense, subject-verb agreement, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and other essential grammatical concepts. This helps assess whether the test-taker can construct grammatically correct sentences.

Complex Sentences: The exercise often includes complex sentences, which require test-takers to identify errors in sentence structure. This reflects real-world English usage, where the ability to understand and construct complex sentences is crucial.

Contextual Understanding: A key challenge in the TOEFL Structure exercise is identifying errors within the context of a sentence. Test-takers must consider the meaning and purpose of the sentence, ensuring that any corrections made do not change the intended message.

Time Management: Time management is essential during this exercise, as there is a limited amount of time to complete a set of questions. This assesses a test-taker's ability to work efficiently and make accurate corrections under time constraints.

Variety of Errors: The exercise covers a wide range of grammatical errors, which makes it a comprehensive evaluation of one's language skills. It helps assess whether the test-taker can identify and correct issues like misplaced modifiers, parallelism errors, and pronoun-antecedent agreement errors.

Feedback and Learning Opportunity: While taking practice tests or preparing for the TOEFL, the Structure exercise offers valuable feedback. Understanding why an error occurred and how to correct it can be a great learning opportunity for test-takers looking to improve their English skills.

Preparation Resources: Test-takers can find numerous preparation resources, including textbooks, online practice tests, and courses specifically focused on the Structure exercise. These resources can help individuals familiarize themselves with the types of questions and errors commonly found in this section.

In conclusion, the TOEFL Structure exercise is an essential component of the TOEFL exam that assesses a test-taker's ability to understand and manipulate English grammar and sentence structure accurately. It serves as a valuable tool for evaluating English language proficiency in an academic context, and preparation is key to performing well in this section.

10 TOEFL Structure Exercise

1. _____ on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs.
A. For the running of the Kentucky Derby
B. The Kentucky Derby is run
C. To run the Kentucky Derby
D. When the Kentucky Derby is run

2. According to ____ quantum mechanics, it is normally impossible to pinpoint the orbit of an electron bond to an atom.
A. the related laws
B. the laws are related 
C. the laws of 
D. the laws are related to

3. Chicago is home io more than 4 million people as ______ many as 54 languages and dialects.
A. speak
B. they speak
C. spoke
D. speaking

4. When Mexico ceded California to the United States in 1848, signers of the treaty did not know had been discovered there.
A. golden
B. that with gold
C. that gold
D. with gold

5. Rubber came to the attention of Europeans _______ found Native Americans using it. 
A. explorers
B. after explorers
C. when explored
D. after explorers they

6. Most asteroids are located in called _______ the asteroid belt.
A. what is
B. what is in
C. is what
D. is it

7. About three-fourths of the books published in the United Stales are put out by publishers _______ in New York City.
A. locates
B. located
C. they locate
D. they are located

8. The physical phenomenon _______ use to obtain water from the soil is osmosis.
A. plants  have  roots 
B. that plant roots
C. what  plant  roots 
D. plants are rooted

9. More books have been written about the Civil War _______ any other war in history.
A. that there is
B. about
C. of
D. than about

10. A sheet of clear glass, ______ with a film of metal, results in a luminously clear mirror
A. when backed
B. it is backed
C. is backed
D. when is it backed

Key Answer

1. B
2. C
3. D
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. B
9. D
10. A