Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Dengan Jawaban

Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 Dengan Jawaban

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Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dengan Jawaban ini di sediakan sebagai referensi guru Mata Pelajaran di Satuan Pendidikan Tingkat SMP untuk menyusun soal serta sebagai sarana latihan persiapan bagi para peserta didik kelas 9 yang akan menghadapi Ujian Sekolah.


Dapatkan buku Persiapan US 

disini  https://shope.ee/6AEOkticXR


Buku Persiapan US

Pengertian Ujian Sekolah

Ujian Sekolah (US) adalah kegiatan pengukuran dan penilaian kompetensi peserta didik terhadap Standar Kompetensi Lulusan untuk mata pelajaran yang tidak diujikan dalam Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (USBN) dan dilakukan satuan pendidikan. ujian sekolah/madrasah, dan berbagaibentuk penilaian sumatif merupakan assessment of learning (penilaian hasil belajar).


Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Nasional adalah kegiatan pengukuran capaian kompetensi peserta didik yang dilakukan satuan pen­ didikan untuk mata pelajaran tertentu dengan mengacu pada Standar Kompetensi Lulusan untuk memperoleh pengakuan atas prestasi belajar. Naskah USBN disiapkan oleh pemerintah bersama Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP).


Untuk mengetahui ketercapaian KD, pendidik harus merumus­ kan sejumlah indikator sebagai acuan penilaian. Pendidik atau sekolah juga harus menentukan kriteria untuk memutuskan apakah seorang peserta didik sudah mencapai KKM atau belum.

Penilaian tidak hanya difokuskan pada hasil belajar tetapi juga pada proses belajar. Peserta didik dilibatkan dalam proses peni­ laian terhadap dirinya sendiri dan penilaian antarteman sebagai sarana untuk berlatih melakukan penilaian. Di bawah ini diuraikan secara singkat berbagai pendekatan penilaian, prinsip penilaian, serta penilaian dalam Kurikulum 2013 atau Kurikulum Merdeka.


Ujian Sekolah Berstandar Nasional (USBN) adalah kegiatan peng­ ukuran capaian kompetensi peserta didik yang dilakukan satuan pendidikan untuk mata pelajaran tertentu dengan mengacu pada standar kompetensi lulusan untuk memperoleh pengakuan atas prestasi belajar. Kisi­kisi USBN disusun dan ditetapkan oleh Badan Standar Nasional Pendidikan (BSNP) berdasarkan kriteria pencapaian standar kompetensi lulusan, standar isi, dan kuri­ kulum yang berlaku. 


Hasil pengolahan rapor dan ujian sekolah dijadikan bukti capaian akhir kompetensi peserta didik yang dituangkan dalam bentuk ijazah. Selain itu pengolahan nilai hasil USBN dapat dimanfaatkan sebagai pemetaan oleh dinas pendidikan kabupaten/kota atau propinsi.


Berikut ini Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 dengan Jawaban


I. Multiple Choice (MC) 

Choose the correct answer in your answer sheet on option A, B, C, or D.


The following text is for questions 1 to 4

A wealthy businessman worried about his son's bad habits, so he sought counsel from a wise, old man. The Old man met the man's son and took him out for a stroll. They walked into the woods, and the old man showed the boy a small sapling and asked him to pull it out. The boy did so with ease, and they walked on. 

The old man then asked the boy to pull out a small plant. The boy did that too, with 8 little effort. As they walked, the Old man asked the boy to pull out the bush, which he did. The next was a small tree, which the child had to struggle a lot to pull out. Finally, the old man showed him a bigger tree and asked the child to pull it out. The Child failed to pull it out even after trying several times, in different ways.

The old man looked at the boy, smiled and said, "So is the case with habits, good or bad".

Adopted from: 

https://www.momjunction.com/articles/moral-stories-forkids_00369197/#gref (28th November 2018)


1.              The bussinessman worried about his son because he ….

A.             was spoiled

B.             was unlucky 

C.              behaved badly

D.             disobeyed his parents



2.              Why do think the boy failed to pull out a bigger tree?

A.             It was a big challenge.

B.             He had done his best.

C.              The tree roots had settled deeply.

D.             The tree had a thin but strong stem



3.              What can we learn from the story?

A.             It is best to do everything with great efforts.

B.             It is hard to get rid of permanent bad habits.

C.              There will be many problems in human’s life.

D.             Noboy can change our bad habits if we don’t change them.


4.              “The chiled failed to pull it out ….” (paragraph 2)

What does the underlined word refer to?

A.             bushes       

B.             a sapling

C.              a small tree

D.             a bigger tree


The following text is for questions 5 to 8


The proud Rose

Once upon a time there was a rose who was very proud of its beautiful looks. Its only disappointment was that it grew next to an ugly cactus. Every day, the rose would insult the cactus on its looks while the cactus stayed quiet. All the other plants in the garden tried to make the rose see sense, but it was too swayed by its own good looks. 

One summer, the well in the garden grew dry and there was no water for the plants. The rose began to wilt. It saw a sparrow dip its beak into the cactus for some water. Though ashamed, the rose asked the cactus if it could have some water too. The cactus readily agreed and they both got through the tough summer as friends. 

Adopted from: https://parenting.firstcry.com/articles/top-15short-moral-stories-for-kids (29th November 2018)


5.              What is the Story about? 

A.             Two different, but special plants. 

B.             A beautiful, but arrogant rose, 

C.              Two plants in a beautiful garden. 

D.             A beautiful rose and an ugly cactus. 


6.              From the Story, we know that the cactus was ….

A.             brave 

B.             wise 

C.              patient

D.             hurnble



7.              The rose ignored other plants' advice to change its attitude because 

A.             it believed it was .the prettiest 

B.             it could change others to do so 

C.              it thought that it was right 

D.             it didn't trust other plants 


8.              What can you learn from the story? 

A.             Don't allow others influence your life

B.             Never judge others by the way they look. 

C.              Respect others and they may respect you either. 

D.             Don't let anyone underestimate you because of your looks 


The following text is for questions 9 to 11


9.              The text is intended for people who ….

A.             deal with good and bad tires.

B.             consult to the expert about tire problems.

C.              would like to change their old tires with the new ones.

D.             want to avoid problems on their tires during a trip.


10.           DQ Mobile Tire Service provides ….

A.             tire sale and repair.

B.             tire rotation and repair.

C.              flat repair and balancing.

D.             vehicle sale and service.


11.           Suppose you have a problem with your tire and does not have time to bring your vehicle to a workshop. Why do you choose DQ Mobile?

A.             It provides a contact person.

B.             It repairs several kinds of vehicles.

C.              It is ready anytime and willing to come.

D.             It offers complete service to the customers need.


The following text is for questions 12 to 15



12.           What is KALENDER?

A.             A teenage magazine.

B.             Update digital information.

C.              A newly-published newspaper.

D.             A sophisticated smartphone.


13.           Who is the advertisement addressed to?

A.             Bookworms.          

B.             Cooks.

C.              Travellers.

D.             Students.


14.           People are interested to download the application because ….

A.             providing news is easy.

B.             providing news is simple.

C.              operating a smartphone is easier.

D.             creating an advertisement is easy.


15.           “It provides you with fresh, interesting, complete and trustworthy news.”

The underlined word means …

A.             Incredeble

B.             Affordable

C.              Tangible

D.             Credible


The following text is for questions 16 to 17



16.           What can people probably find in the store? 

A.             Guitars.

B.             Bicycle

C.              Googles.

D.             Refrigerators.


17.           From the text we can conclude that the store ….

A.             Opens every day.

B.             Is located at its old address.

C.              Sells products at high prices.

D.             Is closed on Sunday afternoons.


The following text is for questions 18 to 20


18.           The text is intended for people who ….

A.             Intend to work for construction company

B.             Are willing to study home building and renovation

C.              Develop their businesses building and renovation service

D.             Would like to build or renovate their houses with low budget


19.           Bonafide construction provides ….

A.             Building renovation service only

B.             House construction service

C.              A new house with a new design

D.             Skyscraper building consultation


20.           What should people do to get a special offer from Bonafide Construction?

A.             Visit the office.

B.             Visit its website.

C.              Send a message.

D.             Call the customer service.


The following text is is for questions 21 to 24

What you need:

               ½ cup scoop vanilla ice cream

               ½ cup scoop chocolate ice cream

               ½ cup scoop strawberry ice cream

               1 large ripe banana

               2 tablespoons chocolate syrup

               2 tablespoons strawberry ice cream topping (or fres strawberries)

               2 tablespoons crushed pineapple

               2 tablespoons wet walnut ice cream topping whipped cream



How to make:

1.              Line up ice cream scoops next to each other in an oval deep dish or a banana boat.

2.              Cut the ends of the banana off (about ¼ inch) while still in the peel. Slice in half longways.

3.              Pop each half of the banana out of the peel onto each side of the ice cream row, pressing down and in a little so it’ll stay put.

4.              Top the vanilla ice cream with pineapple, the chocolate with chocolate syrup and the strawberry with strawberry sauce.

5.              Spoon the wet walnits over all three scoops of ice cream.

6.              Top each scoop with some whipped cream and a cherry for each. Now, it’s time to enjoy the banana spilt.

Adopted from: https://www.geniuskitchen.com/recipe/traditional-banana-split-139388 (29th November 2018)


21.           The text is written ….

A.             To describe what banana split is

B.             To give instructions on how to make ice cream

C.              To give instructions on how to make banana split

D.             To tell readers how to make banana split toppings


22.           We should cut the banana into ….

A.             Two

B.             Three

C.              Four 

D.             Five


23.           What should we put on the vanilla ice cream?

A.             Cherries.

B.             Pineapples.

C.              Chocolate syrup.

D.             Strawberry syrup. 


24.           Which of the following has similar communicative purpose as the text?

A.             My banana trees.

B.             My holiday experience.

C.              The story of Cinderella.

D.             Let’s make pudding.


The following text is for questions 25 to 28

Materials needed:

               Crepe paper


               Green floral wire

               Green floral tape

               Wired floral leaves (from craft stores)


               Wire cutters


1.              Cut several teardrop (petal) shapes out of the crepe paper. The easiest and quickest way is to cut straight from the roll.

2.              Cut a small square of crepe paper and fold in half to get a triangle. Fold the triangle around a floral wire tip. Secure the paper to the floral wire with double-sided tape, and cover the entire wire in it.

3.              Keep adding the crepe-paper petals to the bud and secure with the floral taoe at the base. Repeat as many times as you wish to vary the fullness of the rose. Continue making paper flowers until your desired number of blooms is achieved.

4.              Twist the wired leaves onto each flower stem. Gather the stems into a bouquet and cover them with floral tape. Trim floral wire ends with the help of a wire cutter.

5.              Wrap the ribbon around the bouquet stems to cover the floral tape.

Adopted from: https://www/hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/printable-diy-table-numbers-for-weddings (29th November 2018)


25.           The text is about steps to make ….

A.             Food

B.             Craft

C.              Cuisine

D.             Beverage


26.           What is the main material of making the craft? 

A.             Wire.

B.             Cutter.

C.              Paper.

D.             Ribbbon.


27.           If we don’t use double-sided tape to the floral wire, the paper will be ….

A.             Unsteady

B.             Unmarked

C.              Uncovered

D.             Unattractive


28.           “… and cover them with floral tape.” (Step 4)

What does the underlined word refer to? 

A.             The wires.

B.             The stems.

C.              The ribbons.

D.             The wire cutter.


The following text is for questions 29 to 32

If you see a person who has become unconcious. Take the following steps.

1.              Check whether the person is breathing if he/she is not breathing, call your local emergency services immediately and prepare to begin CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). If they’re breathing, positition the person on his/her back.

2.              Raise his/her legs at least 12 inchies above the ground.

3.              Loosen any restrictive clothing or belts.

4.              Check his or her airway to make sure there’s no obstruction.

5.              Check again to see if he/she is breathing, coughing or moving. These are signs of positive circulation.

6.              If there’s major bleeding occuring, place direct pressure on the bleeding area or apply to tourniquet above the bleeding area.

Adopted from: https://healthline.com/healthy/unconsciusness-first-aid#cpr-instruction (29th November 2018)


29.           We can probably read such a tect in a … magazine.

A.             Sport

B.             Health

C.              Female

D.             Fashion 


30.           By reading the text, a person will be able ….

A.             To check a person’s breath

B.             To help people from accident

C.              To prevent people from serious illness

D.             To give the first aid to a fainted person 


31.           Why should we check the airway?

A.             To give a person oxygen for breathing.

B.             To make sure that a person can move.

C.              To make sure there are not any blockage.

D.             To check one’s sign of possible circulation.


32.           While waiting for medical help, what can we do if a person is not breathing?

A.             Do CPR.

B.             Check his/her airways.

C.              Lay him/her on his/her back.

D.             Raise his/her legs above the ground.


The following text is for questions 33 to 36

One holiday. Doni visited his aunt in a village. It was his first experience of travelling by train, but he enjoyed it. He arrived at the railway station at 4 p.m. His uncle’s house was not far from the railway station, so he decided to go there by horse cart.

Doni stopped a horse cart. To his surprise, the rider was a woman. She was dark skinned and looked strong. Along the journey, they had a chit-chat. The rider told him about her life. She is a wife with two children. She was simple, but had a great dream. She wanted her children to be successful. As a mother, she was willing to work hard for her children’s education. She never gave up. She believed that her hard work would be paid off.

Doni was amazed at the horse cart rider’s story. What a great woman!


33.           What is the text about? 

A.             A horse cart rider’s hard work.

B.             Doni’s experience on a train.

C.              Doni’s travelling experience.

D.             The life story of a horse cart rider.



34.           What was the horse cart’s rider like?

A.             Honest.

B.             Generous.

C.              Kindhearted.

D.             Hard Working.


35.           Why did Dony take a great respect to the horse cart’s rider?

A.             She struggled for her success

B.             She lived with her two children.

C.              She was simple, but had a great dream.

D.             She was the only woman who rode a horse cart.


36.           “She never gave up.” (Paragraph 2)

What is the closest meaning of the underlined phrase?

A.             Felt sorry.

B.             Surrendered.

C.              Complained.

D.             Fought against.


The following text is for questions 37 to 40.

At the first break, Sandra went to the school library. As usual, she walked towards see fiction section, favourite on. She took an interesting storybook for the shelf, then sat at the corner. The book was about the handsome and brave prince who tried to free a princess from a giant.

Sandra was very sleepy. She didn’t realise that she fell asleep while reading. On her dream, she was the princess who saved by the prince. The giant didn’t let Sandra go. He held her strongly and she struggled to get loose. Sandra heard people laughing. She opened her eyes and saw several students looking and laughing at her.

Sandra was confused, but she finally realised what had happened. She dreamt about the story in the book she read. For matters worse, she fell down from the chair due to her dream.


37.           Why is the text written?

A.             To relate Sandra’s experience.

B.             To amuse readers by telling a story.

C.              To describe Sandra’s activity during the break.

D.             To tell readers the story of a giant and a princess.


38.           In Sandra’s dream, the giant … her.


A.             Pulled

B.             Pushed

C.              Captured

D.             Released


39.           What kind of books does Sandra like to read?

A.             Storybooks.

B.             Biography books.

C.              Science books.

D.             Engineering books.


40.           What did Sandra Probably feel when her schoolmates laughed at her?

A.             Bored.

B.             Upset.

C.              Jealous.

D.             Embarrassed.


II. Essai

Jawablah soal dibawah ini dengan jelas dan benar!

41.           Describe yourself in three paragraphs!


42.           Arrange these jumbled words into the correct order to make good sentences.

a.              always – Ryan – comes – to school – on time

b.              comes – never – late – ryan – to – school.

c.              Ryan – early – in the morning – wakes up.

d.              takes – a shower – ryan – then.

e.              makes – morning prayer – does – the bed – and – he after – that


43.           Arrange these jumbled words into the correct order to make good sentences.

a.              born – I – was – on May 13, 2004 – in Bandung

b.              started – I – speak – and – sing – to clearly

c.              many friends – had – I – my neigborhood – in

d.              brave – an – was – I – and – active – boy

e.              kindergarten – I – when – started – four years old – was – I


44.           Read the statements, and then write sentences using comparative degrees.

a.              I cannot lift the box by myself. Danu can lift the box by himself. (strong/weak)

b.              A melon is about 1.5 kg. A Watermelon is about 2 kg. (heavy/light)


45.           Read tge following short message then make a reply for the message.

From   : Handy

Dear Mona

I’ll go to a bookstore to buy a new novel. Will you join me after school?

Baca Juga:


Jawaban Soal Ujian Sekolah Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9


1. C      11. C    21. C    31. C

2. C      12. B    22. A    32. A

3. B      13. A    23. B    33. C

4. D      14. B    24. D    34. D

5. D      15. D    25. B    35. C

6. C      16. C    26. C    36. B

7. A      17. A    27. A    37. A

8. B      18. D    28. B    38. C

9. C      19. B    29. B    39. A

10. A    20. B    30. D    40. D


PG Benar = 1

PG Salah = 0



41. Based on student’s answer

      a. Tulisan sesuai kaidah = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      b. Tata bahasa benar = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      c. Tulisan dapat difahami = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      d. Paragraph 3 = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

Total nilai = 10

42. a. Ryan always comes to school on time.

      b. Ryan never comes late to school.

      c. Ryan wakes up early in the morning.

      d. Then, Ryan takes a shower.

      e. After that, he makes the bed and does the morning prayer.

Setiap kalimat benar = 2

Total nilai = 10

43. a. I was born on May 13th 2004 in Bandung.

      b. I started to speak and sing clearly.

      c. I had many friends in my neigborhood.

      d. I was an active and brave boy.

      e. I started kindergarten when I was four years old.

Setiap kalimat benar = 2

Total nilai = 10

44. a. Danu is stronger than me.

          I am weaker than Danu

      b. A watermelon is heavier than a melon.

          A melon is lighter than a watermelon.

Setiap kalimat benar = 5

Total nilai = 10

45. Based on student’s answer

      a. Tulisan sesuai kaidah = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      b. Tata bahasa benar = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      c. Tulisan dapat difahami = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1

      d. Paragraph 3 = 2,5, cukup=2, kurang=1


Demikian Soal Ujian Sekolah SMP Bahasa Inggris dengan Jawaban Tahun 2023 ini mudah-mudahan bermanfaat untuk para pembaca semuanya. Terimakasih.