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Announcement atau pengumuman adalah pernyataan (pemberitahuan resmi) dalam bentuk lisan atau tulisan yang berisi sesuatu untuk di ketahui oleh banyak orang. Kita mendengar atau membaca pengumuman di samana saja. Kita biasa mendenger pengumuman lisan di sekolah atau di tempat-tempat umum.

The following text is for question 1 to 3


The students of Grade VII are allowed to wear their elementary school uniforms while the new school uniforms are on the sewing process. They should wear the new school uniforms, white and blue on Monday, 5th August 2019. For those whose uniforms have not avaliable yet on the date should get the homeroom teachers’ permission letter before Saturday, 3rd August 2019.

Thank you for your attention.

Ari Firmansyah Samiaji, S.Pd


1.     What is the purpose of the text?

A.     To tell the readers about the school rule.

B.     To inform the readers about the uniform rule.

C.     To remind the readers to wear the school uniform.

D.    To announce the readers about the permission letter rule.

2.     From the text, we can conclude that …

A.     the new students should wear their old uniforms.

B.     the announcement is addressed to all the students.

C.     the announcement is delivered by a home room teacher.

D.    The news students may wear their old uniforms on the due date.

3.     “The students of Grade VII are allowed to wear their elementary school uniforms.”

The underlined word can be replaced with …

A.     wished

B.     banned

C.     permitted

D.    requested

The following text is for question 4 to 6.


            Welcome to the new school academic year!

            We would like to announce that we have launched a digital membership card. Please change your old card with the new one so you can borrow books. The card replacement will be dibe during this week. The new students should register new membership cards. Each class should be coordinated by the class captain.

            Thank you.

4.     What is the announcement about

A.     The new registration.

B.     The card replacement.

C.     The new membership card.

D.    The launching of membership cards.

5.     Who is the text addressed to?

A.    All the students.

B.     The old members.

C.     The new students.

D.    The calss captains.

6.     Where do you probably read the announcement?

A.     In a classroom.

B.     In a school library.

C.     In a teacher room.

D.    In a language laboratory.

The following text is for questions 7 to 9.


To: Smart Course Students

            Smart Course opens a trial class for English conversation for three meetings. We only open 5 classes wikth ten students for each class. It is free of charge. Please register to Mr. Arya, the customer service. The class will start next week.

            Thank you for your attention.

The management of Smart Course

7.     Who is delivered the announcement?

A.     An English tutor.

B.     The course’s students.

C.     The course’s manager.

D.    The customer service.

8.     From the text, we can infer that the announcement is … for the Smart Course students.

A.     urgent

B.     surprising

C.     valuable

D.    amusing

9.     Why fo you think the Smart Course students will take the trial class?

A.     The participants are limited.

B.     The trial class is complimentary.

C.     The trial class will start soon.

D.    The course only opens a few classes.

The following text is for questions 10 to 12

MEG Design and Arts School

proudly announce Short Cartoon Movie Competition

Now open to all the participants!

For more information, Read the rules and regulation at www.mediainggris.com

Submit your movie before 18th February 2019 At MEG Design and Arts School Jl. Rajawali no. 18 Yogyakarta

The announcement of the winner will be published on 4 March 2019 on our website. The winners will receive amount of money and exclusive contracts with MEG channels.

Grab this awesome opportunity.

10.  What is the writer’s intention to write the text?

A.    To notify about a competition.

B.     To announce about school event.

C.     To invite people to support an event.

D.    To explain the rules of a competition.

11.  What should people do if they want to know more about the competition?

A.    Visit its website.

B.     Check its channel.

C.     Meet the committee.

D.    Send letter to the office.

12.  Who do you think interested in attending the competition.

A.     An actor.

B.     A painter.

C.     An animator.

D.    A cameramen.


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