Contoh Soal Latihan Advertisement Text Dengan Jawaban – SMP Kelas 9

Contoh Soal Latihan Advertisement Text – SMP Kelas 9
Contoh Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris - Advertisement Text - Kelas 9 SMP

Choose the correct answer!


The following text is for question 1 to 5.

Contoh Soal Latihan Advertisement Text – SMP Kelas 9

1.     What items are sold with 20% off?

A.    Household appliances.

B.     Stationery.

C.     All items.

D.     Fashion.


2.     The price of a skirt is Rp. 50,OOO. How much should a customer pay during the discount period?

A.     Rp 25,000.

B.     Rp 35,OOO.

C.     Rp 40,OOO.

D.     Rp 50,OOO.


3.     How long does the offer last?

A.     Two weeks.

B.     Thirty days.

C.     Fifteen days.

D.     Thirty six days.


4.     The following items are not available in the store. They are . . .

A.     T-shirts

B.     magazines

C.    newspapers

D.     refrigerators


5.     What is the purpose of the text?

A.    To let readers know about the discounts.

B.     To persuade readers to buy the items.

C.     To thank customers for their loyalty.

D.     To make readers happy.


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The following text is for questions 6 to 8.



6.    From the advertisement, we know that the shop sells . . .

A.     reptilian and bird food

B.     animal diet and pets

C.     dalmatians and goat

D.     reptiles and grass


7.      How long does the shop open daily?

A.    10 hours.

B.     11 hours.

C.     12 hours.

D.     13 hours.


8.      “. . . at a reasonable price."

The synonym of the underlined word

A.    understandable

B.     affordable

C.     available

D.     practical


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The following text is for questions 9 to 11.

Contoh Soal Latihan Advertisement Text Dengan Jawaban – SMP Kelas 9


9.      What does FROGGO provide?

A.    CDs, cassettes, clothing, and toys.

B.     CD players, clothing, and toys.

C.     Clothing, CD, and cassettes.

D.     Clothing, toys, and TVs.


10. A customer wants to buy two Jazz cassettes. Each cassette costs  Rp. 25.000. How much should he pay?

A.     Fifty thousand rupiah.

B.     Forty thousand rupiah.

C.     Thirty thousand rupiah.

D.     Twenty thousand rupiah.


11. The clothing at FROGGO is intended for . . .

A.    teenagers

B.     children

C.     infants

D.     adults


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The following text is for questions 12 to 16.

Contoh Soal Latihan Advertisement Text Dengan Jawaban – SMP Kelas 9


12. How many rooms does the hotel offer?

A.     50.

B.     40.

C.    35.

D.     25.


13. What is the nearest tourist location from the hotel?

A.    Dieng Plateau.

B.     Kledung Pass.

C.     Resort.

D.     Segara.


14. A couple with a child stays for two nights in the suite room during the high season. They order an extra bed for their child. How much should they pay?

A.     Rp. 1,000,000.

B.     Rp. 850,OOO.

C.     Rp. 660,OOO.

D.     Rp. 500,OOO.


15. "High Season." The underlined word has similar meaning to . . .

A.     nice

B.     peak

C.     great

D.     extra


16. When a guest wants to enjoy hot water, which facility can he use?

A.     Swimming pool.

B.     Water heater.

C.     Public hall,

D.     Gazebo.


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The following text is for questions 17 to 21.

advertisement teks

 17. What is the function of the medicine?

A.    To treat acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.

B.     To provide vitamins for our body.

C.     To help clear nutrients.

D.     To control the strength.


18. How do we use the medicine?

A.     By mixing it with some water.

B.     By applying it to the skin.

C.     By putting it on the acne.

D.     By taking it orally.


19. From the advertisement, we can conclude that the medicine can be used for . . . skin type.

A.     oily

B.     any

C.     dry

D.     normal


20. How often should a consumer take it?

A.     Once a day.

B.     Twice a day.

C.     Four times a day.

D.     Three times a day.


21. Not only adults but also . . . can take the medicine.

A.    teenagers

B.     children

C.     infants

D.     kids


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The following picture is for questions 22 to 24.

advertisement text example

22. The main ingredient of the snack is . . .

A.     flour

B.     wheat

C.     flavours

D.     potatoes


23. "No artificial flavours or preservatives."

The underlined word has similar meaning to . . .

A.     resen/ations

B.     materials

C.     additives

D.     taste


24. The snack comes in many . . .

A.     colours

B.     shapes

C.     flavours

D.     packages


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The following text is for questions 25 to 27.

advertisement text definition


25. What is the programme about?

A.    A book fair.

B.     Raining books.

C.     An opening of a publisher.

D.     A book writing competition.


26. How long does the programme last?

A.     Ten days.

B.     Eight days.

C.     Nine days.

D.     Seven days.


27. What is the meaning of “venue" in the advertisement?

A.     The way to get to the place.

B.     A place where an event is held.

C.     The address of the publisher.

D.     The discount given.


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The following picture is for questions 28 to 30.

advertisement text exercise

28. What should a customer do to get the discount?

A.     Order food in the evening.

B.     Buy batik at Beras Wangi on Wednesday.

C.    Wear batik while having dinner at Beras Wangi.

D.     Wear batik while having meals at Beras Wangi on Wednesday.


29. We will get the 20% discount if we . . . in the restaurant on Wednesdays.

A.     perform a traditional dance

B.     order Indonesian food

C.     order some rice

D.     wear batik


30. The promotion is meant to . . .

A.    attract more people to come to the restaurant

B.     give the location of Beras Wangi Restaurant

C.     list the things that the customers can find in Beras Wangi Restaurant

D.     provide customers with information about the rice used in Beras Wangi Restaurant


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The following text is for questions 31 to 35

advertisement text purpose

31. The advertisement will likely attract the attention of  . . .

A.    pet owners who want to keep the house clean

B.     pet owners who want to discard their pets

C.     factories which produce cleaner

D.     carpet sellers who hate pets


32. How does the product clean the carpets and rugs?

A.     By layering them.

B.     By using oxygen power,

C.     By using special whitener.

D.     By covering them with wax.


33. " . . . Rug Pet Stain & Odour Remover" What is the underlined word closest in meaning to?

A.    Aroma.

B.     Area.

C.     Soil.

D.     Dirt.


34. "No one will believe that you have pets!" The sentence wants to promote that the product

A.     might be dangerous for animals

B.     should be kept away from pets

C.     is pet friendly

D.     is so effective


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35. The text is intended to . . .

A.     make the readers know how to clean their carpet

B.     tell the readers how to eliminate the odour

C.     inform the readers how to keep pets well

D.     persuade the readers to buy the product


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The following text is for questions 36 to 40.

teks advertisement adalah


36. What is the purpose of making the above text?

A.    To promote a photography course.

B.     To tell how to make good pictures using DSL-R.

C.     To inform about classes in a photography course.

D.     To invite people to come to Hamming Village, Burlington.


37. What should you do if you want to join the course?

A.    Send e-mail to Clara.

B.     Go to Clara's place.

C.     Get four friends.

D.     Make photos.


38. From the text, we know that the course will be given in the . . .

A.    evening

B.     morning

C.     midnight

D.     afternoon


39. "2018 Beginner Photography Course Autumn Session".

The underlined word has similar meaning to . . .

A.     Summer

B.     Winter

C.     Spring

D.     Fall


40. The advertisement is intended for people who . . .

A.    want to learn about photography

B.     are professional in photography

C.     are good at photography

D.     own a photo studio


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The following text is for questions 41 to 44

pengertian advertisement teks

 41. The text is intended to . . .

A.     advertise the website of Oxford School of English

B.     promote English courses at Oxford School of English

C.     inform about kinds of classes the Oxford School of English has

D.     announce the opening of the classes at the Oxford School of English


42. What should a would-be student do to get the 25% discount?

A.    Register himself not later than 24 February 2020.

B.     Call the Oxford School of English on 24 February 2020.

C.     Email the Oxford School of English on 24 February 2020.

D.     Come to the Oxford School of English on 24 February 2020.


43. "By experienced trainers,"

The underlined word means .

A.     well-known

B.     qualified

C.     famous

D.     patient


44. From the text, we can conclude that Oxford School of English has ... kinds of classes.

A.     several

B.     a few

C.    same

D.     two


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The following text is for questions 45 to 49.

The Komodo Dragons Adventure

4 Days Adventure Package


teks advertisement event

45. How long does the tour last?

A.     One day.

B.     Three days.

C.     Two days.

D.     Four days.


46. What is the name of the hotel the tourists will stay at?

A.     Rinca.

B.     Lambitu,

C.     Sambori.

D.     Banugulung.


47. Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the text?

A.     Sape is in Komodo Island.

B.     Sambori is a name of a village in Bima.

C.     The tourists will enjoy a city tour in Bali.

D.     The tourists will have breakfast on the first day.


48. On the third day, the tourists will enjoy the following activities, except . . .

A.     Going to Banugulung to watch Komodo Dragon

B.     Having lunch at a restaurant

C.     Swimming or snorkeling

D.     Returning to Sape


49. “ . . . customs and culture." (First Day)

The underlined word has similar meaning to .

A.     beliefs

B.     traditions

C.     adventures

D.     accommodation


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The following text is for questions 50 – 54.

teks advertisement makanan

teks advertisement shampoo

 50. The resort is designed for those who like . . . .

A.    outdoor activities

B.     working on arts

C.     indoor activities

D.     having parties


51. The activity that the visitors do not do during the village tour is . . .

A.     milking cows

B.     visiting the rice field

C.    building an old house

D.     enjoying the natural spring bath


52. "The local guides will demonstrate how to tap rubber sap and pick coffee beans."

The underlined word means .

A.     ore

B.     flour

C.    latex

D.     extract


53. Visitors can use the . . . for a wedding party.

A.    meeting/conference rooms

B.     outbound facilities

C.     plantation tour

D.     village tour


54. The resort is probably located in . . .

A.    a village

B.     the downtown

C.     an isolated area

D.     in the middle of an ocean


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The following text is for questions 55 to 58.

teks advertisement beserta soal dan jawaban

55. What is being advertised?

A.    A toothpaste,

B.     A toothbrush.

C.     A dental clinic.

D.     A professional dentist.


56. What is the name of the product?

A.     Dental Cleaning.

B.     Duophase Toothpaste.

C.     Duophase Clinical Strength,

D.     Professional Dental Cleaning.


57. What does the writer tell about the product?

A.     The product will be best used in a dental clinic.

B.     The strength is the same as a good toothpaste.

C.    It is almost the same as a professional dental cleaning.

D.     The use of the product must be under professional observation.


58. "Studies show that Duophase Clinical Strength . . .“

The underlined word is closest in meaning to . . .

A.     workings

B.     research

C.     experiments

D.     observation


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The following text is for questions 59 to 61.

advertisement text example

59. The product is suitable for those who . . .

A.    like using social media and Internet

B.     have a fashion business

C.     like having chat

D.     play games a lot


60. What is the name of the product?

A.     Truly Unlimited.

B.     Web Browser.

C.     4G phones.

D.     T-Mobile.


61. According to the advertisement, the product is not only . . . but also

A.    sophisticated — economical

B.     handy — durable

C.     light — cheap

D.     small — light


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The following text is for questions 62 to 65.

advertisement text example

62. The hotel is located in . . .

A.     a mountainous area

B.     a downtown

C.     a suburb

D.     a village                  


63. The hotel might be of interest for those who . . .

A.     enjoy the panorama

B.     spend a weekend peacefully

C.     want to take a family vacation

D.     have a business meeting in town


64. What does the restaurant serve?

A.     Oriental cuisine only.

B.     Western food only.

C.    Various food.

D.     Snack only.


65. What should a person do if he wants to book a room in the hotel?

A.     Text the hotel or join a conference.

B.     Make a phone call or visiting the website.

C.     Report their coming to the hotel.

D.     Make an appointment.


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The following text is for questions 66 to 70.

advertisement text example

66. What is the text about?

A.    An advertisement of an opening of a store.

B.     An announcement of a store bankruptcy.

C.     An advertisement about a big sale.

D.     A notice for a clothing line.


67. What products does the shop sell?

A.     Cuisine.

B.     Apparel.

C.     Furniture.

D.     Hoarding.


68. What is the price offered?

A.     Cheaper than the normal price.

B.     The same as the normal price.

C.     Higher than the normal price.

D.     At a big discounted price.


69. How long does the programme run?

A.     A week.

B.     A month.

C.     Fortnight.

D.     Twenty days.


70. What is the purpose of the advertisement?

A.     To tell people how big the items sold are discounted.

B.     To persuade people to come to the closing ceremony.

C.    To persuade people to come during the opening month.

D.     To inform people the name of new clothing line in the town.


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