Contoh Soal Remedial Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1

Sebelum menuju contoh soal Remedial Bahasa Inggris Untuk Kelas 7 SMP pada Semester 1 ada baiknya mengetahui terlebih dahulu pengertian 'Remedial'.

Pengertian Pengajaran Remedial

Pengajaran Remedial adalah upaya guru (dengan atau tanpa bantuan pihak lain) untuk menciptkan suatu situasi (kembali/bari/berbeda dari yang biasa) yang memungkinkan individu atau kelompok siswa dengan karakteristik tertentu lebih mampu mengembangkan dirinya seoptimal mungkin sehingga dapat memenuhi kriteria keberhasilan minimal yang diharapkan, melalui kegiatan berencana, terorganisasi dan terkontrol. Pengajaran remedial ini merupakan bentuk pengajaran yang bersifat kuratif (penyembuhan) atau perbaikan (korektif).

Jadi sebelum mengambil atau memberikan soal remedial ada baiknya mengajari materi yang kurang dikuasai oleh peserta didik pada materi bahasa Inggris di Semester 1 ini. Setelah dirasa cukup memberikan atau mengajarkan materi yang lemah pada peserta didik barulah di berikan soal-soal remedial untuk melihat perkembangan perbaikan pada peserta didik. Dalam contoh soal ini bisa diambil semua atau sebagian soal saja disesuaikan dengan kebutuhan remedial yang akan dilaksanakan.

75 Contoh Soal Remedial Pilihan Ganda Bahasa Inggris  Untuk Kelas 7 SMP Semester 1

Choose the correct answer!

1.      It is half past seven = . . .

a.      07.30

b.      08.30

c.       03.07

d.      07.07


2.      Mr. Hasan and Mr. Indra have the same father. Mr. Hasan and Mr. Indra are ....

a.      brothers

b.      sisters

c.       friends

d.      fathers


3.      The son of my uncle is my ....

a.       aunt

b.      father

c.       brother

d.      cousin


4.      I always ... (sembahyang) at 4.30 o'clock.

a.       eating

b.      take a bath

c.       sleep

d.      pray


5.      Januar : . . .

Budi : My name is Budi.

a.       I 'd like introduce myself.

b.      May I introduce name?

c.       Let's me introduce myself.

d.      What is your name?


6.      Ana : What is the sixth month of the year?

Indra : The sixth month is ....

a.       April

b.      Mei

c.       June

d.      July


7.      Today is .... (Sabtu)

a.       Sunday

b.      Wednesday

c.       Saturday

d.      Tuesday


8.      It is twenty to eleven a.m. The time's number is

a.       11.20 a.m.

b.      10.40 a.m.

c.       10.20 a.m.

d.      9.40 a.m.


The dialogue is for questions 9-11.

Mr. Rudi
: Good morning!
: Good morning. What can I do for you?
Mr. Rudi
: I am looking for someone. She is my student.
: How is she like?
Mr. Rudi
: She is fat and curly hair. She is thirteen years old, and wears glasses.
: Are you looking for Anis?
Mr. Rudi
: Yes, you are right.
: Her house is over there, number thirty.
Mr. Rudi
: Thank you very much.
: You are welcome.


9.      How many person are there in the dialogue?

a.      Two

b.      Three

c.       Four

d.      Five


10.  Who is Mr. Rudi's student?

a.      Anis

b.      Diana

c.       Diana's sister

d.      Diana and Anis


11.  How old is Anis?

a.       16 years old.

b.      15 years old.

c.       14 years old.

d.      13 years old.


12.  Mrs Wanda : What's your name?

Titin            : . . .

a.      My name is Titin.

b.      Yes, I am Titin.

c.       I is Titin.

d.      No, I am not Titin.


13.  Mr. Gunawan : How are you today?

Mr. Muladi     : . . .

a.       Yes, I am.

b.      I am fine, thank you.

c.       I fine you.

d.      No, I am fine.


14.  Mia : Gita, can I borrow your math book?

Gita: Sure, here it is.

Mia : Thank you.

Gita: . . . .

a.       I'm sorry

b.      That's OK

c.       Thank you

d.      Don't mention it


Look at the card down below and answer questions 15-17.


Student Identity Card

SMP Mazaya Islamic Boarding School
Jl. Raya Barat KM. 28 Sumedang
Date of Birth 
Student’s Number   
Academic year
: _________________
: _________________
: Male / Female
: _________________
: 07.14178
Issued in Sumedang, 11 August 2016
Expired 11/08/2019
Holder’s Signature


15.  What is the card called?

a.       Citizen ID card.

b.      Student's ID card

c.       ATM card.

d.      Member card.


16.  Which is the correct one to fill 'date of birth'?

a.       Anita Sari.

b.      Jakarta.

c.       Jln. Kangguru 22., Metro.

d.      May 12, 2005.


17.  Which is the correct one to fill 'address'?

a.       Anita Sari.

b.      Jakarta.

c.       Jln. Kangguru 22, Metro.

d.      May 12, 2005.


18.  Armando ... wavy hair.

a.      has

b.      have

c.       is

d.      are


19.  She has a bag. This is ... bag.

a.       your

b.      my

c.       our

d.      her


20.  I have a grandmother. Her husband is my ....

a.      grandfather

b.      mother

c.       father

d.      uncle


21.  A ... eats cheese and rice. It has four legs. It de-stroys ricefield.

a.      mouse

b.      dog

c.       buffalo

d.      horse


22.  A ... eats grass and leaves. It has four legs. It gives meat for us.

a.       parrot

b.      goat

c.       grasshopper

d.      hen


23.   Rendy: . . .

 Tita : See you soon.

a.       Good night.

b.      Good bye.

c.       Good luck.

d.      Good morning.


24.  Lina usually ... TV news at 6 o'clock.

a.      watches

b.      prays

c.       plays

d.      studies


25.  The fish swims ... the pond.

a.       on

b.      under

c.       at

d.      in


The following text is for numbers 26-28.

Hi, friends! (26) ...is Rara. I am (27) ... Bangka. (28)... study at SMP Harapan Jaya.

26.  . . .

a.       His name

b.      My name

c.       Her name

d.      Your name


27.  . . .

a.      from

b.      at

c.       in

d.      on


28.  . . .

a.       She

b.      He

c.       I

d.      You


29.  Doni and Jaka buy three blue balls. Those balls are ... balls.

a.       my

b.      his

c.       yours

d.      their


30.  The cat is crawling on the roof. Those kittens are ... babies.

a.       their

b.      its

c.       her

d.      his


The following text is for questions 31-35.

Hello, I'm Leonita. I'm the first grader of SMP Pelangi Yogyakarta. I'm twelve years old. I have one brother and two sisters. I'm the youngest child in my family. My first sister, Tina, twenty years old and the second, Dona, is seventeen. They are slim and tall. My brother, Liam, is three years younger than my second sister. I'm tall and a little bit taller than most girl friends in my class. I have long dark straight hair. I have dark eyes as my father's. I have the lightest skin than anyone in my family. Both my father and my mother are tall. My father's name is Mr. Ramli. He is the tallest and the fattest one in my family.


31.  Leonita is ... children in her family.

a.       the smallest

b.      the only

c.       the little

d.      the last


32.  Leonita is not ... girl in her class.

a.       tall

b.      the taller

c.       the tallest

d.      as tall as


33.  Tina and Liam are . . . than Leonita.

a.      older

b.      younger

c.       taller

d.      shorter


34.  The following is the tallest in the family . . .

a.       Leonita

b.      Tina

c.       Dona

d.      Mr. Ramli


35.  Most of the people in Leonita's family are . . .

a.       fat

b.      tall

c.       slim

d.      short


36.  Elsa meets Mr. Tony at 4.00 pm. Elsa Says ‘...‘ to greet him.

a.       good morning

b.      good afternoon

c.       good evening

d.      hello


37.  Lenny : Hi, Ria. This is Indri.

Indri    : Hello . . .. Nice to meet you.

Ria : Hello, Indri. Nice to meet you, too.

a.       Lenny

b.      Ria

c.       Indri

d.      you


38.  Paula has two new friends. Their . . . are Erin and Catur.

a.       naming

b.      name

c.       names

d.      named


39.  Rully: Do you always have bread for breakfast?

Eric : No. I . . . eat bread. I only eat it once a week.

a.       sometimes

b.      rarely

c.       always

d.      often


40.  Sandra doesn't like a film. So, she . . . goes to theatre.

a.      never

b.      always

c.       usually

d.      sometimes


The following text is for questions 41-45.


Hello my friends. Let me tell you about my family. My name is Hendra. My father’s name is Mr. Mardian. He is forty years old. My father is a painter. He has a gallery for his works. Mrs. Rini is his wife. She is my mother. She is a fruit seller. My brother's name is Alan. He just starts his senior high school. I am the only brother of Alan. We live on Jln Anoa 33 Makassar.


41.  How many siblings does the writer have?

a.       three

b.      four

c.       one

d.      six


42.  The writer lives . . . Jln Anoa 33 Makassar.

a.       in

b.      on

c.       at

d.      inside


43.  Alan is the writer’s . . .

a.       father

b.      uncle

c.       grandfather

d.      brother


44.  What is Hendra’s mother?

a.       a painter

b.      a teacher

c.       a fruit seller

d.      a doctor


45.  The writer’s father is a . . .

a.      painter

b.      teacher

c.       fruit seller

d.      doctor


46.  What is the previous two months before September?

a.      July

b.      September

c.       October

d.      November


47.  Our Mother's Day is on. . .

a.       May 2

b.      August 17

c.       December 22

d.      October 1


48.  A . . . eats flesh. It has long jaws and tail, It lives in the river. It is a . . .

a.      crocodile

b.      lion

c.       elephant

d.      tiger


49.  Ina is Totok's wife. Mr. Adi is Ina’s father. So. Mr Adi is Totok‘s . . .

a.       son-in-law

b.      father-in-law

c.       brother-in-law

d.      sister-in-law


50.  We use a . . . to make some cakes.

a.       frying pan

b.      sink

c.       rice cooker

d.      oven


51.  Mr Thomas : Who is ...?

Najmi :That is my brother. His name‘s Saif.

a.       she

b.      I

c.       he

d.      you


52.  Andy :Look! . . . is Mr. Edo's house.

Sobri : His house is far from our school.

a.       He

b.      It

c.       She

d.      They


53.  To ask somebody's hometown. we say ‘...'

a.       Where do you study?

b.      Where do you live?

c.       Where do you come from?

d.      Where do you go?


54.  Sahal : . . . ?

Johan : My phone number is 08100044199.

a.       What is your hand phone. Jo?

b.      What is your number phone, Jo?

c.       What is your phone, Jo?

d.      What is your phone number, Jo?


55.  Radith : ...?

Saskia : I am from Bandung.

a.       Where do you live. Saskia?

b.      Where do you study, Saskia?

c.       Where do you come from, Saskia?

d.      Where do you go. Saskia?


56.  Ahmad : I am sorry for dirtying your shoes.

Amir: . . .

a.      That’s all right.

b.      No, thanks

c.       Please.

d.      It’s terrible.


57.  To reply this sentence ‘Thank you very much,’ we can say ‘...’

a.       You're welcome

b.      Thanks a lot.

c.       Thank you.

d.      Very well


58.  These are the expressions to respond to thanking, except ...

a.      That's OK.

b.      Don’t mention it.

c.       You’re welcome.

d.      Thank you so much.


59.  Gerry : What time does Arif have breakfast?

Muslih: . . .

a.      He usually has breakfast at 6.30 am,

b.      He usually has breakfast at 6130 pm.

c.       He usually has breakfast at morning,

d.      He usually has breakfast at night.


60.  Nineteen eighty-four = . . .

a.      1984

b.      1974

c.       1964

d.      1954


61.  Jody :When .. Andri born?

Nanda : Andri was born in 2001.

a.       were

b.      was

c.       are

d.      is


62.  The room for sleeping is . . .

a.       bathroom

b.      bedroom

c.       living room

d.      kitchen


The text is for numbers 63 and 64.

This is our dining room. There is a table, four chairs around the table, and a refrigerator in the corner. On the table there are four plates. four spoons. four glasses, a calendar, a teapot, and a napkin. Usually we eat together in the dining room.


63.  Where is the refrigerator?

a.       in front of the dining room

b.      in the kitchen

c.       in the comer

d.      in the living room


64.  How many chairs are there?

a.      four

b.      six

c.       five

d.      seven


The text is for numbers 65 and 66.


It is Sunday I go to market with my mother. My mother buys some daily needs like five kilograms of rice, two ldlograms of sugar, one bottle of frying oil, fruits, and vegetables. She also buys me a bar of chocolate and two boxes of small biscuits. I am happy to go shopping with my mother,


65.  What day is it today?

a.       Monday

b.      Tuesday

c.       Sunday

d.      Wednesday


66.  A : Does mother buy some daily needs?

B : Yes, . . .

a.       he does

b.      she does

c.       I does

d.      they does


The text is for numbers 67—69.


Feri is at the bus station now. He is waiting for his friend. Rio. They want to enjoy their holiday in Yogyakarta. They go there by bus. They leave at 8 o'clock and arrive at 10 o‘clock. And then, they go Parangtritis beach and enjoy the scenery there They are Very happy.


67.  Where is Feri now?

a.       at the railway station

b.      at the bus station

c.       at the supermarket

d.      at the harbour


68.  What is he doing?

a.      He is waiting for his friend.

b.      He is walking with his friend.

c.       He is looking for his friend.

d.      He is playing with his friend.


69.  Are they very happy?

a.       No, they are not

b.      No, you are not.

c.       Yes, they are

d.      Yes, you are.


The dialog is for numbers 70—72.


Siska is at the market. She wants to buy some fruits.

Siska : Excuse me, Mom! Do you sell apples?

Seller : Oh, sorry I don’t

Siska : Then, do you sell grapes?

Seller : Oh, yes. We have a lot of grapes How much do you want?

Siska : A kilogram, please. What’s the price?

Seller : It is Rp 25.000,00 per kilogram.

Siska : Here is the money.

Seller : Thank you


70.  Who is shopping?

a.       Doni

b.      Siska

c.       Santi

d.      Rini


71.  Is she buying fruits?

a.       Yes, he is.

b.      No‘ he is not

c.       Yes. she is.

d.      No, she is not.


72.  How much is a kilogram of grapes?

a.      Rp 25 000,00

b.      Rp 15.000,00

c.       Rp 20.000,00

d.      Rp 10,000,00


The dialog is for numbers 73—75.


It is Sunday. My family and I clean the house. Father asks Rani to sweep the floor and arrange the table and chairs. He asks me to wash the car, Father cleans the garden, while mother cooks special food for us. We finish our work at 08.30 and then We have breakfast together.


73.  What does the family do?

a.       cleaning the school

b.      cleaning the house

c.       cleaning the street

d.      cleaning the swimming pool


74.  What does Rudi do?

a.       washing the plates

b.      washing the floor

c.       washing the cloths

d.      washing the car


75.  What time do they finish the job?

a.      at 08.30

b.      at 09.00

c.       at 08.00

d.      at 09.30

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