Contoh Soal Essay – Thanking and Apologizing

Summary / Rangkuman Materi Thanking and Apologizing.

These are some expressions to thank

·   Thank you.

·   I’d like to thank you for . . .

·   Thanks a lot

·   Thank you for . . .

·   Thanks.

These are responses to thank;

·   Don’t mention it.

·   Not at all

·   Any time

·   My pleasure

·   You are welcome 

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Expressions to apologise.

·   Forgive me for . . .

·   I’m sorry for . . .

·   We apologise for . . . 

And these are the responses to apologise;

·   That’s alright.

·   Never mind.

·   It’s OK.

Here are what people usually, say to respond to an apology.

·  That’s all right. I forgive you

· There's no need to apologise. Let’s forget it.

·  I accept your apology, so don’t worry.

·  Well, let’s just forget it.

·  Yes. We should let bygones be bygones.

Answer these following questions briefly.

1.      When do you say ‘sorry’?

Answer: _________________________________________

2.      What expressions can be used to apologise?

a.       _________________________________________

b.      _________________________________________

c.       _________________________________________

3.      Besides saying ‘sorry’, what do you do to apologise?

a.       _________________________________________

b.      _________________________________________

c.       _________________________________________

4.      Name several informal ways of saying sorry.

a.       _________________________________________

b.      _________________________________________

c.       _________________________________________

5.      Saying ‘Oops, sorry.’ May sound sarcastic. Why?



Complete the following dialogue with the sentences in the boxes.

My bad
Oh, too bad
Are you sure?
Some pages are dirty.
Did you bring my comic




: Hi Silma!


: Hi, Hendy


: (1) ____________________________


: Yeah. Here is the comic, but . . .


: What’s wrong?


: (2) ____________________________ . I’m really sorry.


: How come>


: I don’t know, I guess my little sister made them dirty.


: (3) ____________________________ . This is my favourite.


: (4) ____________________________. I’ll buy you a new one.


: No. That’s all right.


: (5) ____________________________


: Yes, but next time you have to be more careful.


: I will. Thank you very much, Hendy.


How would you express gratitude in the following situations?


Someone has given you a gift for your birthday.
Thank you very much. I really like it.

1.      Someone has just bought you dinner.


2.      Someone has returned your lost wallet.


3.      Someone has helped you carry your grocery bags.


4.      Someone has just paid you a compliment on your necktie.



Works in paris. Practise expressing gratitude and apology, and responding. Use the following situations.


You forgot to return your friend’s book on time.

I’m sorry for forgetting to return your book on time. I’m really sorry.
That’s all right.

1.      Your friend has given you a birthday present.

2.      Your father has given you some money.

3.      The headteacher has given you a reward for your achievement.

4.      You didn’t attend your friend’s birthday party last night.

5.      You cannot answer your teacher’s question.

6.      You broke your friend’s racket.


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