Thanking and Apologizing Expressions

Thanking and Apologizing Expressions


Definition of Thank

According to merriamwebster thank (v) is express gratitude or to tell someone that you are grateful for something that he or she has done or given.

These are some expressions to thank;

·        Thank you.
·        I’d like to thank you for . . .
·        Thanks a lot
·        Thank you for . . .
·        Thanks.

And these are responses to thank;

·        Don’t mention it.
·        Not at all
·        Any time
·        My pleasure
·        You are welcome

Examples of thanking in the sentence.

“There is no need to thank me. I enjoyed doing it.”
Thank you for making me feel better.”
“No, thank you. I’ve enough.”
“My child speaks highly of you. Thank you very much.”
“I’d like to thank you for supporting me”

Some phrases to thank.

·        to thank for
have/has + someone or something + to thank for + something
Used to say that someone or something is responsible for something.
    “I have her to thank for my life.
    “I have my parents to thank for my success.
    “The television show has young audiences to thank for its success.”

·        thanks/gratitude to
owes a debt of gratitude/thanks to . . .
To have good reason to be very grateful to (someone).
    “I owe a debt of gratitude to my teachers.”
    “I owe a debt of gratitude to all my family.”
    “We all owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Han, who kindly donated the money for the project.”

·        Thank God/goodness/heaven(s)/the Lord
Used to express happiness or relief that something did or did not happen.
Thank God nobody was hurt in the accident.”
“The kidnappers didn’t harm him, thank God.”
Thank God the coronavirus is ended. We are safe now.”

·        Thank one’s lucky stars
To be very grateful.
      “You should thank your lucky stars that you have a friend like her.”
      Thank your lucky stars the boy wasn’t hurt.”
      “Just thank your lucky stars you weren’t in the house at the time.”

·        Thanks a bunch/lot/million
Often used in an ironic way to say that one is not pleased that someone has done or said something.
Thanks a bunch for the drink.”
Thanks a lot for your present.”
"Thanks a million for your help.”


Definition of Apologizing

To express regret for something done or said.

Cite from merriamwebster.
The earliest uses of apologize more often meant to offer an excuse or defense, than to acknowledge a fault.”

Expressions to apologize.

·        Forgive me for . . .
·        I’m sorry for . . .
·        We apologize for . . .

And these are the responses to apologize;

·        That’s alright.
·        Never mind.
·        It’s OK.

Examples asking for apologizes in sentences;

“I must apologize for my outrageous behavior.”
“I apologize if your enjoyment of the movie was spoiled.”
“Please forgive me for coming so late.”
I am sorry for what I’ve done.”
“He apologized to his teammates for his mistake.”

 You can try different ways to thank and apologize to others.

Here are what people usually say to respond to an apology.

  • That’s all right. I forgive you
  • There's no need to apologise. Let’s forget it.
  • I accept your apology, so don’t worry.
  • Well, let’s just forget it.
  • Yes. We should let bygones be bygones.

Contoh Percakapan Thaning and Apologizing

Han, you broke my toy car.
I’m sorry for breaking it.
It’s my favorite.
I know. That’s my fault. Will you forgive me?
Ok. I forgive you, but don’t do it again.
Thank you. I won’t do it again. I promise

You may also feel sorry when you can't fulfill someone's request.
  • I'm sorry I can't. I'm busy myself.
  • I'm sorry, but I'm using it.
You can also say 'sorry' to show shympathy
  • I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you can find it soon.
  • I'm sorry about your father's death.

Vocabulary Corner.

Gratitude – n. The state of being grateful.
Phrase – n. a word or group of words forming a syntactic constituent with a single grammatical function.
Outrageous – adj. Exceeding the limits of what is usual.
Behaviour – n. the way in which someone conducts oneself or behaves.

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