20 Contoh Soal Pilihan Ganda Conditional Sentences Type 0 – 3 dengan Jawabannya.


Conditional Sentence Type - 0

Conditional Sentence Type – 1

Conditional Sentence Type – 2

Conditional Sentence Type – 3

 Choose the correct answer!

1.      If I … (finish) my assignment tonight, I will go to Mall with my friends.
a. finish
b. finishes
c. would finish
d. had finished

Jawabannya : A (finish)


2.      If you cook vegetables for long time, they … (lose) their nutrients.
a. lose
b. loses
c. had lose
d. would lose

Jawabannya : A (lose)


3.      I would never lend to you if I … (know) before.
a. know
b. knows
c. knew
d. had known

Jawabannya : C (knew)


4.      If we … (wake up) earlier, we would have reached school.
a. wake up
b. woke up
c. woken up
d. had woken up

Jawabannya : D (had woken up)


5.      Dinda would buy tens luxury houses if she … (win) the lottery.
a. win
b. wins
c. won
d. had won

Jawabannya : C (won)


6.      If the Sun rises on the west, the world … (end)
a. end
b. ends
c. ended
d. will end

Jawabannya : B (ends)


7.      They … (bring) the cake if the baker had finished it.
a. brought
b. had brought
c. would brought
d. would have brought

Jawabannya : D (would have brought)


8.      Ramadhan will be so silent if Corona … (not;leave) soon.
a. not leave
b. don’t leave
c. doesn’t leave
d. had left

Jawabannya : C (doesn’t leave)


9.      If today is your birthday, I … (give) you present.
a. give
b. gives
c. will give
d. would give

Jawabannya : C (will give)


10.  Nothing is going to change my love for you if you always … (love) me too.
a. love
b. loves
c. loving
d. will love

Jawabannya : A (love)


11.  If Rafli gets score more than 90, his mom … (buy) PS 4 for him.
a. buy
b. buys
c. will buy
d. would buy

Jawabannya : C (will buy)


12.  Dinda would erase all policies she hated if she … (be) a president.
a. was
b. being
c. to be
d. were

Jawabannya : D (were)


13.  If my brother … (study) hard, he would have passed the exam well.
a. studies
b. had study
c. had studied
d. have studied

Jawabannya : C (had studied)


14.  Indonesian people would be safe from corona if they … (keep) healthy environment.
a. keep
b. kept
c. keeping
d. had kept

Jawabannya : B (kept)


15.  You will never earn money if you just … (stay) at home doing nothing.
a. stay
b. stays
c. stayed
d. staying

Jawabannya : A (stay)


16.  2020 graders would do UNBK if corona … (go) away.
a. goes
b. went
c. gone
d. had gone

Jawabannya : B (went)


17.  If my brother and I finish the homework this evening, we … (watch) TV tonight.
a. can watch
b. could watch
c. can be watched
d. could be watched

Jawabannya : A (can watch)


18.  They … (win) the match if the had trained harder.
a. won
b. had won
c. would won
d. would have won

Jawabannya : D (would have won)


19.  If I were rich, I … (collect) many branded bags.
a. collected
b. would collect
c. had collected
d. would collected

Jawabannya : B (would collect)


20.  The cock crows if morning … (come).
a. come
b. comes
c. came
d. had come

Jawabannya : B (comes)