40 Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 9 SMP - Present Perfect Tense

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Pada kesempatan kali ini kami ingin membagikan 40 contoh soal pilihan ganda materi present perfect tense untuk kelas 9 SMP dengan jawabannya. Bagi yang ingin membaca materinya silahkan klik materinya di bawah

Chose the correct answer!

1.      Although Mrs. Anna . . . the topic, I still don't understand it.

A.     explain

B.      explained

C.     explaining

D.     has explained

2.      Why . . . you . . . late this morning?

A.     do - come

B.      did - come

C.     are - coming

D.     were - coming

3.      We . . .  for two hours. I think she will never come.

A.     wait

B.      waited

C.     waiting

D.     have waited

4.      I . . . to Paris before. In fact, this will be my fourth time.

A.     am

B.      will be

C.     am being

D.     have been

5.      Why . . . are the police here? What . . . ?

A.     has happened

B.      will happen

C.     did happen

D.     happened

6.      Thank you for everything. You . . . me a lot.

A.     have helped

B.      are helping

C.     will help

D.     help

7.      Ria . . . my letter. Perhaps she is very busy.

A.     hasn't answered

B.      isn't answering

C.     didn't answer

D.     don't answer

8.      The principal . . . the delay in our trip this morning.

A.     announces

B.      announced

C.     announcing

D.     has announced

9.      Tom . . . to go. So, we went to the movie without him.

A.     didn't want

B.      don't want

C.     wanted

D.     want

10.  The class . . . at 10 a.m. today due to the storm.

A.     is dismissed

B.      is dismissing

C.     was dismissed

D.     has been dismissed

11.  I . . . this poor cat in the gutter when I was walking home from school this afternoon.

A.     find

B.      found

C.     am finding

D.     have found

12.  The room is messy. What . . . you . . .?

A.     are - do

B.      did - do

C.     have - done

D.     have - doing

13.  The night was cold. We . . .  anywhere.

A.     not go

B.      will go

C.     don’t go

D.     didn't go

14.  The weather was nice. So, we... to take a walk.

A.     decide

B.      decided

C.     are deciding

D.     have decided

15.   Stop twisting the pencil, it. . . sharp.

A.     Is

B.      was

C.     been

D.     has been

The following text is for questions 16 to 20.

From   : Taufan@gmail.com

To        : Latief@gmail.com



Dear Latief,

I'm coming home this term holiday. I've prepared everything. I've booked my flight, but I haven't printed the ticket yet. I've bought you a souvenir from Kupang. You'll like it. I also have told dad about my coming. He will pick me up at the airport. I will start packing this evening. By the way, I've finished reading the last chapter of Detective Ujo. The ending is so remarkable. I'll bring the novel home, in case you want to read it.

Well, can't wait to see you soon. Please send my best regards to your parents.


Your best buddy,



16.  Which of the following things has Taufan not done yet?

A.     He has not booked a flight.

B.      He has not bought souvenir.

C.     He has not printed his ticket.

D.     He has not finished reading Detective Ujo

17.  Who will Taufan meet at the airport?

A.     Latief.

B.     His father.

C.     His family.

D.     Detective Ujo.

18.  Where does Latief live probably?

A.     In the same city as Taufan's family does.

B.      Far from Taufan's family house.

C.     In a foreign country.

D.     In Kupang city.

19.  What does Taufan think about the novel?

A.     Flat.

B.      Boring.

C.     Interesting.

D.     Predictable.

20.  What has Taufan bought for Latief?

A.     A souvenir.

B.      A novel.

C.     A ticket.

D.     A book.

The following text is for questions 21 to 25.

Dear Mila,

How's life? l'm in Bandung now. You're right, Bandung is a beautiful city. There are many parks here. The funny thing is each park has a theme. For example, Pet Park is not only an ordinary park with beautiful flowers and sidewalks, but it also provides pet lovers with facilities for their pets.

So far, I have visited Taman Jomblo or Taman Pasupati, Taman Skateboard, Pet Park, and Taman Superhero. There are more parks to visit, such as Taman Foto, Taman Film, Taman Lansia, and many more. Maybe, tomorrow, I'm going to go to those parks. I'll talk to you later.

Big hug,



21.  What does Adiba think about Bandung?

A.     Quiet.

B.      Large.

C.     Beautiful.

D.     Crowded.

22.  Which of the following parks has Adiba not visited yet?

A.     Taman Skateboard.

B.      Taman Superhero.

C.     Taman Pasupati.

D.     Taman Foto.

23.  What makes Pet Park different from other parks?

A.     There are many beautiful flowers.

B.      There are spots for taking photos.

C.     There is a big statue of a dog.

D.     There are facilities for pets.

24.  When will Adiba visit other parks?

A.     This afternoon.

B.     The next day.

C.     Yesterday.

D.     Today.

25.  What is the text about?

A.     Pet Park.

B.      Bandung City.

C.     Parks in Bandung.

D.     A visit in Bandung.

The following text is for questions 26 and 27.

From   : Nyoman@gmail.com

To        : Ketut@gmail.com

Have you finished your science project? What is it about? By the way, I haven't done mine yet. I still need to go to the library to find some books and also do some experiments to complete it. I hope I can finish it this week.

26.  What are Nyoman and the writer probably?

A.     Teammates.

B.      Classmates.

C.     Siblings.

D.     Buyers.

27.  Why hasn't the writer finished the project yet?

A.     He hasn't finished reading the books from the library.

B.      He has finished everything, but hasn't typed the report yet.

C.     He hasn't read the resources and hasn't done some experiments.

D.     He has done the experiments, but hasn't found the books needed.

The following text is for questions 28 to 30.


Good morning, sir. My name is Aldo Sofyan. I have received the prize of the crossword puzzle contest. Thanks a lot. However, the bag is not in good condition. The zipper doesn't work and there is a tear at the bottom. What should I do to settle the problem? I'm waiting.

28.  How is the condition of the bag?

A.     Bad.

B.      Good.

C.     Perfect.

D.     Excellent.

29.  Who is Aldo Sofyan?

A.     The director of the crossword puzzle company.

B.      The manager of the crossword puzzle contest.

C.     The winner of the crossword puzzle contest.

D.     The crossword puzzle maker.

30.  What is the text about?

A.     Information.

B.      Condolence.

C.     Complaint.

D.     Gratitude.

The following dialogue is for questions 31 to 33.



How long have you lived in Depok, Nana?



I (31) . . . in Depok for twenty years. How about you?



Well, I (32). . . to Depok in 2012.



So, you (33) . . . here for about six years, right?





31.  . . .

A.     will live

B.      am living

C.     have lived

D.     have living

32.  . . .

A.     moved

B.      was moving

C.     have moved

D.     am going to move

33.  . . .

A.     have living

B.     have lived

C.     has lived

D.     lived

The following dialogue is for questions 34 and 35.



Wow! You play soccer well.



I have started playing soccer (34) . . . I was six years old.






Thanks. I also have joined the school soccer club (35). . . two years.



Cool. Hope you can be a professional soccer player soon.


34.  . . .

A.     in

B.      for

C.     since

D.     because

35.  . . .

A.     in

B.     for

C.     since

D.     because

The following dialogue is for questions 36 and 37.



(36) . . . you ever . . . to Bali before?



Yes, I have. I went to Bali in 2015. What about you?



No, I (37) . . . to Bali before.


36.  . . .

A.     Have - going

B.     Have - been

C.     Are- been

D.     Did - been

37.  . . .

A.     didn't go

B.      will not go

C.     haven't been

D.     am not going

The following dialogue is for questions 38 to 40.



Lila, (38) . . . you . . . Aldo today.



No, I (39) . . . him today.



I haven’t seen him again (40) . . . eight o’clock this morning.



Try to call him, then.


38.  . . .

A.     Did - seen

B.     Have - seen

C.     Are - seeing

D.     Have - seeing

39.  . . .

A.     am not seeing

B.     haven't seen

C.     will not see

D.     have seen

40.  . . .

A.     in

B.      for

C.     since

D.     because

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