Choose the correct answer!

1.      Today is Saturday. Yesterday was . . .

A.     Monday

B.     Sunday

C.     Friday

D.     Thursday

2.      What is the month before May?

A.     June

B.     July

C.     March

D.    April

3.      On fifth of October, we celebrate . . .

A.     National Armed Forces Day

B.     National Awakening Day

C.     Heroes’ Day

D.     Pancasila Day

4.      There is . . . elephant in the zoo

A.     an

B.     a

C.     the

D.     or

5.      I kick the ball with my . . .

A.     mouth

B.     hand

C.     foot

D.     head

6.      (16.30) it is . . .

A.     half past four

B.     half past five

C.     quarter to four

D.     quarter past five

7.      (11.15) it is . . .

A.     half past ten

B.     half past eleven

C.     quarter to ten

D.    quarter past eleven

8.      we usually cook in the . . .

A.     living room

B.     guest room

C.     dinning room

D.    kitchen

9.      1996. How do you say it?

A.     One nine nine six

B.     Ine nine ninety-six

C.     Nineteen ninety-six

D.     Ninety nineteen six

10. It can bark like a . . .

A.     cat

B.     cow

C.     dog

D.     rabbit

11. The . . . can hop far.

A.     kangaroo

B.     cock

C.     butterfly

D.     hen

12. The snake can . . .

A.     climb

B.     slither

C.     swim

D.     fly

13. 2 May 2012 = . . .

A.     Second of May, two thousands and two

B.     Twelfth of May, two thousands and two

C.     Second of May, two thousands twelve

D.     Twelfth of May, two thousands twelve

14. It is five to nine = . . .

A.     08.05

B.     08.50

C.     09.05

D.    08.55

The following text is for questions 15-18

My name is Hanna. I am thirteen years old. I live at Jln. Anoa 33 Makasar. I am a student of SMP Teladan. I am in the seventh now. I usually go to school by bus because my school is in the center of the city. It is located on Jln. Adipura 49.


I have a brother, Erik, and a sister, Siska. Erik is the oldest. He is a pharmacist. He works in a pharmacy. Siska is still five years and she goes to a kindergarten school. She wants to be a doctor.


15. The text is talking about . . .

A.     Hanna’s school

B.     Hanna’s brothers and sister

C.     Hanna’s family

D.     Hanna

16. How old is Hanna?

A.     14 years old

B.     12 years old

C.     13 years old

D.     11 years old

17. How does Hanna go to the school?

A.     Bus

B.     On foot

C.     By bus

D.     By walk

18. Who is the youngest child in Hanna’s family?

A.     Hanna

B.     Erik and Siska

C.     Erik

D.    Siska

19. I bite with my . . .

A.     mouth

B.     nose

C.     teeth

D.     chin

20. I bring something with my . . .

A.     foot

B.     nose

C.     mouth

D.    hand

21. How many legs do a chicken have?

A.     two

B.     three

C.     four

D.     six

22. Handy : . . . do you usually go to


Fazel    : I usually fo to school at 06.45.

A.     What

B.     What time

C.     What is

D.     Where

23. 1 October 1978 = . . .

A.     First of October eighteen ninety-eight

B.     First of October nineteen seventy-eight

C.     Tenth of October eighteen seventy-eight

D.     Tenth of October nineteen seventy-eight

24. I get up . . . five O’clock.

A.     in

B.     at

C.     by

D.     off

25. Daughter means . . . in bahasa Indonesia.

A.     saudara perempuan

B.     keponakan perempuan

C.     anak perempuan

D.     paman

26. Your father’s wife is your . . .

A.     mother

B.     sister

C.     grandmother

D.     aunt

27. . . . is grandfather’s wife.

A.     Mother

B.     Grandmother

C.     Aunt

D.     Grandson

28. Don’t be . . . in the library.

A.     noisy

B.     distrub

C.     silent

D.     smart

29. I have long ears. I jump. I like carrots. I am a . . .

A.     kangaroo

B.     deer

C.     rabbit

D.     frog

30. A . . . likes bananas. It cam climb a tree.

A.     monkey

B.     bird

C.     sheep

D.     elephant


The following text is for questions 31-35.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling is a famous British novelist. She is the author of Harry Potter series. She writes under the pen name “J.K. Rowling”, but she calls herself “Jo”. Jo was born in Bristol, Englamd on 31st July 1965. She is the first daughter of Peter James Rowling. Her little sister, Dianne (Di), is now a lawyer. Jo likes reading and writing fantasy stories. Her first writing was rabbit. She also likes telling stories.


31. Jo is the nick name of . . .

A.     Peter James Rowling

B.     Anne Rowling

C.     Dianne Rowling

D.    Joanne Kathleen Rowling

32. What is Jo?

A.     A novelist

B.     A teacher

C.     A researcher

D.     A lawyer

33. Peter James Rowling and Anne Rowling are Jo’s . . .

A.     parents

B.     sisters

C.     characters

D.     novelists

34. Jo was born in . . .

A.     Australia

B.     England

C.     Boston

D.     Italy

35. Jo has . . . sister.

A.     one

B.     two

C.     three

D.     none

36. Do you see that red book? That is . . . book. I bought it last week.

A.     your

B.     their

C.     my

D.     his

37. Andy and Rina are going to buy some books together. Do you know what books . . . are looking for?

A.     your

B.     my

C.     their

D.    they

38. Which of the following statement is true?

A.     I go to Jakarta yesterday.

B.     She went to Solo last night.

C.     My father sells his car just now.

D.     They play football tomorrow.


The text is for questions 39 and 40


Hi! My name is Donny. I am a boy of twelve years old. I am fat and tall. My hair is short and wavy. I have sharp nose and oval face.


39. Is Donny thin and tall?

A.     Yes, it is.

B.     No, it is not.

C.     Yes, he is.

D.    No, he is not.

40. What is Donny’s hair like?

A.     Curly

B.     Wavy

C.     Oval

D.     Long

41. We need racket to play . . .

A.     Chess

B.     Tennis

C.     Football

D.     Boxing

42. My sister drinks a . . . of tea in the morning.

A.     plate

B.     cup

C.     bag

D.     loaf

43. We can borrow books from the . . .

A.     hospital

B.      post office

C.     Library

D.     Barbershop

44. Today is Friday. The day before yesterday was . . .

A.     Wednesday

B.     Thursday

C.     Monday

D.     Sunday

45. Handy : Good bye.

Heni     : . . .

A.     Take care.

B.     I’m happy for.

C.     Thanks.

D.     Have a nice day.

46. Handy : . . .

Heni     : You too.

A.     Good luck.

B.     Have a nice day.

C.     I’m happy.

D.     How are you.

47. A . . . eats grain. It has two legs. It can swim well.

A.     cow

B.     dog

C.     duck

D.     chicken

48. A parrot has . . . wings.

A.     one

B.     two

C.     three

D.     four

49. You brush your . . . after meal.

A.     eyes

B.     teeth

C.     ears

D.     hands

50. Handy : How do you do?

Heni     : . . .

A.     How are you doing?

B.     How do you do?

C.     How are you?

D.     How’s life?


The text is for questions 51 and 52.


This is my class. There are 40 students, 21 boys and 19 girls. There is one teacher’s desk and one teacher’s chair. There are 20 tables and 40 chairs for students. Beside that there is a blackboard, two erasers, 2 brooms and two maps on the wall.


51. How many students are there?

A.     Thirty

B.     Forty

C.     Fifty

D.     Sixty

52. How many girls are there

A.     Sixteen

B.     Seventeen

C.     Eighteen

D.    Nineteen

53. Thirty divided by five is . . .

A.     four

B.     five

C.     six

D.     seven

54. When you go to bed you say . . .

A.     good night

B.     good afternoon

C.     good morning

D.     good evening

55. 75 = . . .

A.     Seventy-five

B.     Seventeen-five

C.     Seven-five

D.     Seventy-seven

56. My father drinks . . . of tea every morning.

A.     a cup

B.     a bowl

C.     a plate

D.     a glass

57. The day after Thursday is . . .

A.     Friday

B.     Sunday

C.     Monday

D.     Saturday

58. The fifth month is . . .

A.     January

B.     February

C.     May

D.     April


The following dialogue is for numbers 59 and 60.


Juan : What time do you study

           your lesson?

Erna: at half past six in the evening.

Juan : What do you do before you study your lesson?

Erna: I have dinner at quarter past six.


59. What time does Erna study for her lesson?

A.     Six o’clock

B.     Seven o’clock

C.     A half past six

D.     A half past seven

60. What does Erna do at a quarter past six?

A.     Has lunch

B.     Has dinner

C.     Has breakfast

D.     Has supper

61. Handy : I need bread.

            Let’s go to the . . . !

Heni    : Certainly.

A.     museum

B.     bakery

C.     stadium

D.     post office

62. Father : I am hungry. Why don’t we

             go to the . . .

Mother: Sure. Why not.

A.     bank

B.     gym

C.     restaurant

D.     stadium

63. Handy : I want to buy shampoo, soap

            And tooth brush.

Heni     : Why don’t we go to the . . .?

Handy : OK.

A.     bakery

B.     gym

C.     supermarket

D.     stadium


The text is for questions 64-67


I am a student. My name is Budi, This my sister. Her name is Prita. We are brother and sister. We are students. My father is a teacher. His name is Darto. My mother is a nurse. Her name is Siska. Our house is on Jl. Merdeka.


64. Budi is a . . .

A.     student

B.     nurse

C.     teacher

D.     farmer

65.  . . . is my sister.

A.     Nola

B.     Prita

C.     Darto

D.     Siska

66. We . . . brother and sister.

A.     is

B.     were

C.     am

D.    are

67. Who is the nurse?

A.     Darto

B.     Nola

C.     Prita

D.    Siska

68. To help us making a straight line, we use a . . .

A.     pencil

B.     chalk

C.     protractor

D.    ruler

69. My mother buys a loaf of . . .

A.     coffee

B.     tea

C.     bread

D.     sugar

70. Handy : Where is Ghania going?

Heni     : To the . . . . She is buying book,

                 pencil, and ruler.

A.     green grocer

B.     fruit stall

C.     book shoop

D.     buthcery