Choose the best answer!

1.   Handy : Watch TV-99 tonight. My 

                      brother, Robby, is there at 

                      eight o’clock. He

                      Always makes me happy.

Heni     : Sure, I will.

From the underlined sentence we know that Handy feels . . . her brother.

A.     proud of

B.     angry with

C.     dissapointed at

D.     doubtful about

2.    Handy : Happy birthday! Please take this


Heni     : Oh great. . . .

Handy : I know that is your pavorite pet.

A.     What a cute kitty!

B.     How beautiful flower!

C.     What a bad kitty!

D.     How bad flower!

3.    Ghania : First, put the pan on the stove.

Aisyah : . . .

Ghania : First, put the pan on the stove.

                Is it clear!

A.     Could you please repeat that?

B.     I will repeat it.

C.     Got it?

D.     Will you follow me?

4.    Ghania : Then, cut the paper into some

Strips. Do you understand?

Aisyah : . . .

Ghania : Nice. After that, stick them around

                the cup.

A.     Pardon?

B.     Could you repeat that?

C.     I got it.

D.     Do you know how to do it?

5.    These are expressions to check understanding, except . . .

A.     I beg your pardon, please.

B.     Do you know what I mean.

C.     Do you understand?

D.     Are you following me?

6.    Ghania : What do you thing is the best 

                        way to get the high score in 

                        English test.

Aisyah : . . . joining English course is one 

                of the best way.

A.     I have no idea in

B.     How do you think that

C.     I’m not sure

D.    In my opinion

7.    Ghania : What do you think of 

                        the netbook?

Aisyah : . . . I really like it.

A.     It’s unsatisfactory!

B.     It’s shocking!

C.     It’s excelent!

D.     It’s very scary!

8.    Ghania : . . . of this museum?

Aisyah : It’s the greatest museum I’ve

                ever visited.

A.     What do you think

B.     Why do you think

C.     What are you doing

D.     Where do you go

9.    Ghania : Do you think that new library

for students will be useful?

Aisyah : . . . because this is what they 

                really need.

A.     I think this will help them a lot

B.     I don’t think that it’s required

C.     I think that this is ineffective policy

D.     I can’t say anything about it

10. Ghania : . . . Nayla will return to England 

                        next month.

Aisyah : What? Ooh. I’ll miss her much.

A.     What happens to

B.     I’m sorry that

C.     Don’t you know that

D.     Pay attention!

11. Ghania : Can you make origami?

Aisyah : . . .

A.     I do.

B.     Yes, I can.

C.     Yes, I can’t.

D.     I think.

12. “Do you mind getting me the biggest bag?

What is the sentence above for?

A.     To ask for a bag.

B.     To give a bag.

C.     To bring a bag.

D.     To get a bag.

13. Ghania : I will make fried noodle. . . . you give me soy sauce and ketchup, please?

Aisyah : Here it is.

A.     Can

B.     Must

C.     Could

D.     May

14. Aisyah : . . .

Ghania : I’m sorry, I’m busy doing my 


A.     Do you want me to post this letter?

B.     Would you like me to post this letter?

C.     Can I help you to post this letter?

D.    Could you post this letter for me?

15. A : May I park here?

B : . . . The place is crowded.

A.     No, you can’t.

B.     Yes, you can’t.

C.     No, you can.

D.     Yes, you can.

16. What does the sign mean?


A.     Don’t park here!

B.     Don’t enter!

C.     Don’t stop!

D.     Don’t smoke!

17. What does the sign mean?


A.     Keep silent!

B.     Keep off the grass!

C.     Slippery street!

D.    Be careful!

18. You can find the notice in the following places, except . . .


A.     at swimming pool

B.     at a power-station

C.     in a laboratory

D.     in a building

19. You can’t keep the door . . .


A.     opened

B.     closed

C.     fixed

D.     broken

20. Where do you usually find the sign?

Caution! Switch off the engine up a gas tank while filling

A.     At railway station

B.     At a bus station

C.     At a station wagon

D.    At a petrol station

21.  . . . the cap, Kenny! It’s dirty.

A.     Don’t put on

B.     Put on

C.     Don’t push

D.     Push

22. . . . the pan, Ghania! It’s hot.

A.     Touch

B.     Don’t touch

C.     Put

D.     Don’t put

23. Please . . . on the avaliable place.

A.     eats and drinks

B.     eating and drinking

C.     eat and drinking

D.    eat and drink

E.     ate and drank

24. Tell him . . . on that chair! It’s broken.

A.     not to sitting

B.     no be sitting

C.     not sitting

D.    not to sit

25. Ghania : Excuse me! . . . to help you turn the 

                        radio off?

Aisyah : Yes, please. Thank you very 

                much indeed.

A.     Would you like me

B.     Can you order me

C.     Can you

D.     Is it possible

26. X : Can you help me, please?

Y : Sure, What can I do for you?

X : Let’s carry this heavy table over there.

Y : All right. I will help you.

X : . . .

Y : Don’t mention it.

A.     Thank yourself

B.     You’re welcome

C.     Thank you very much

D.     It was a pleasure

 The text is for questions 27-30.


Tomato Soup



4 large tomatoes

1 small onion

8 cups water

small clove garlic


½ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon pepper

¼ teaspoon butter


How to makes:

1.      Fry tomatoes, onion, and garlic in a pan with butter for five minute.

2.      Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

3.      Heat until the water bolils.

4.      Turn down the heat and cover the lid.

5.      Cook for one hour.


27. How many tomatoes are needed for tomato soup?

A.     4 large tomatoes

B.     4 small tomatoes.

C.     1 large tomato

D.     1 small tomato

28. How much water is needed for soup?

A.     1 cup of water.

B.     8 cups of water.

C.     5 cups of water.

D.     2 cups of water.

29. After frying the ingredients in a pan what is the next step?

A.     Turn down the heat.

B.     Heat until the water boils.

C.     Add water, spices, salt, and pepper.

D.     Cook for one hour.

30. What is the last step when making tomato soup?

A.     Cook for one hour.

B.     Fry the ingerdients in a pan.

C.     Heat until the water boils.

D.     Put stock into a pan.

31. Aisyah : . . .

Ghania : Thanks. They are a gift.

A.     You are clever.

B.     What a beauty you are!

C.     Those are beautiful shoes.

D.     What a day!

32. X : What do you think of my new hat?

Y : . . .

The following are suitable expression to complete the dialogue, except . . .

A.     It’s lovely.

B.     I like the colour.

C.     I want to buy another hat.

D.     I think it’s too bright in colour.

33. Ghania : Do you think there will be many guests tonight?

Aisyah : . . . our father only invites five person.

A.     I don’t think so,

B.     I think so,

C.     Why is it so,

D.     My be so,

34. Receptionist : Good mornin, Sir. . . .?

Tourist             : Morning. Do you have any vacant room?

Receptionist : Sure.

A.     Can I help you

B.     Do you like your room

C.     May I know your name

D.     Can you help me

35. Ghania : May I . . .?

Aal         : No, you can’t.

A.     pick the flower.

B.     Picks the flower.

C.     Picking the flower.

D.     Picked the flower.

36. Ghania         : May I stop here?

Policeman : . . . It is safe here for you.

A.     No, you can’t.

B.     Yes, you can’t.

C.     No, you can.

D.    Yes, you can.

37. Y : first, turn on the computer, then click 

             start and choose a program.

X : . . .

Y : Alright, first, turn on the computer, 

      then click start and choose a progam.

A.     I’m sorry. Could you please repeat that?

B.     Alright. I understand.

C.     Could you show me the next step?

D.     I see.

38. Ghania : you look good in pink.

Aisyah : . . .

A.     Oh, thank you.

B.     I do.

C.     I look at you too.

D.     Oh no. Thanks.

39. The surface of mirror is smooth, but the surface of a rock is . . .

A.     rough

B.     cruel

C.     naughty

D.     wild

40.  . . . a noise, please? I am studying now.

A.     Doesn’t make

B.     Not make

C.     Don’t makes

D.    Don’t make

41. Where do we usually fin the notice?

"These seat are provided for old and infirm"

We usually find the notice . . .

A.     in an office

B.     on a public transportation

C.     in a supermarket

D.     in a cinema

42. X : Have you heard that . . .?

Y : That’s great. She must be very happy.

A.     Nayla failed her Arts exam

B.     Nayla won the tennis final match

C.     Did Nayla win the match

D.     I don’t know about Nayla’s Art exam.

43. Mr. Mukti    : . . . . , Mr. Firman invite us to 

                                 his inaguration.

Mr. Firman : What? That’s the best news!

A.     Excuse me

B.     Pardon

C.     Look!

D.    What do you think that

44. Below are expressions to ask for attention, except . . .

A.     Attention, please!

B.     Excuse me.

C.     Hey, you!

D.    Would you repeat?

45. A : May I use your phone?

B : . . . .

The suitable word to complete the dialogue is . . .

A.     Sure.

B.     I’m afraid you can.

C.     Thank you.

D.     Should I?

46. Ghania : . . . It’s very dirty.

Aisyah : All right.

A.     This room is very clean.

B.     Clean this room.

C.     Do you clean this room?

D.     You are cleaning this room.

 The following text is for questions 47-50

 Seat Belt for Safety

It is coumpulsory to wear a seatbelt when there is one avaliable.

When there is an empty  seat with seatbelt, a passenger must move to it and not sit in a seat without a seat belt. If there are no seatbelts, it is safer for passenger to sit in the back.

Make sure that you and your passenger have your seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened:

Ø  Wear the belt across your lap and below your stomach.

Ø  Place buckle at the side of your body

Ø  Make sure the belt is not twisted

Ø  Make the belt as firm as possible


47. Which sentence is true according to the text?

A.     Passanger without seatbelt should sit at the front.

B.     Twist the belt before you use it.

C.     The crew will help the passengers to put on their seatbelts.

D.    Sitting at the back will be safer for passengers without seatbelts.

48. Why is seatbelt so important?

A.     To prevent passenger from bumping into the front part.

B.     To prevent passenger from disturbing the driver.

C.     To prevent passenger from being twisted.

D.     To make sure that the seatbelt is as firm as possible.

49. “Wear the belt; Place buckle; Make sure . . .”

This part is the . . . of the procedure text.

A.     aim

B.     materials

C.     title

D.    method

50. What does the word “it” in the sentence “… a passanger must move to it and not sit …”  refer to?

A.     an empty seat with seatbelt

B.     a seatbelt

C.     a passenger with seatbelt

D.     one avaliable

51. Ghania : I’m having a party tonight. 

                        Would you like to come?

Aisyah : . . .

A.     Thank you.

B.     No, I’d like

C.     That sounds great

D.     Maybe

52. X : We are going to have a picnic next 

             week. Do you want to go?

Y : . . .

A.     I’m sorry. I can’t. I have another plan.

B.     No, you don’t.

C.     I’m sorry. I’d like to.

D.     No, you can’t go with me.

53. Ghania : I’m sorry. I can’t. I’m too tired. 

                        But, Thank you for the 


Aisyah : . . .

A.     Yes, you are tired.

B.     No, you are invited.

C.     Yes, Alright.

D.    No problems.

54. X : Would you like to go for a walk next 


Y : Thank you very much. I would love to, . . .

A.     but I have to do my project

B.     and I have to do my project

C.     thank you

D.     good of you.

 Read the text and answer questions 55 and 56.


Dear: Mita

Hi! Friend, here I invite you to come to my 14th birth day party.

Date  : Sunday, 4 March 2018

Time : 04.30 p.m.

Place : Garden Resto

             Jln. Gelang Mas 62 Kendari

Please come! Without you the party will be different.





55. In what year was Revi born?

A.     2004

B.     2002

C.     2000

D.     1998

56. Revi hopes that Mita . . .

A.     brings a present

B.     wears a new dress

C.     attends the party

D.     sings and dances

  Read the text and answer questions number 57.


To: Ivana

I’d like to congratulate you on passing your exam.

I do hope you are always successful.





57. Why does Donny send the card?

A.     Because he wants to tell Ivana about her exam.

B.     Because he wants to congratulate Ivana.

C.     Because her exam is difficult to do.

D.     Because he wants Ivana to be successful.

 Read this text and answer question 58.


Dear Lusi,

This card comes with living wishes especially for you. To wish you lots of happiness todau amd all year through.

Happy New year 2021.





58. The word “wish” in the text nearly means . . .

A.     see

B.     look

C.     hope

D.     want


Read the text and answer questions 59 and 60.


Dear Dina,

Happy Idul Fitri 2020

May God always bless you.





59. The word “may” in the text nearly means . . .

A.     see

B.     look

C.     hope

D.     want

60. The purpose of the text above is . . .

A.     to remind someone about Idul Fitri

B.     to greet someone for the Idul Fitri

C.     to inform everyone about Idul Fitri

D.     to invite someone to a Idul Fitri Celebration

61. Ghania : Could you ask him to see me, please?

Aisyah : . . .

A.     Yes, certainly.

B.     Yes, I do.

C.     No, I would like to.

D.     No certainly.

62. X : Have you finished your report?

Y : Not yet.

X : . . . ?

Y : Of course. I’ll be very happy then.

A.     Can you do me a favor

B.     Is there something you can do for me

C.     What can I do for you

D.    Would you like me to help you

63. Ghania : . . . .

Aisyah : What a nice idea. I’ll help you to 

                 prepare it.

A.     It sounds interesting.

B.     How about having a little party?

C.     Let’s go to the zoo tomorrow.

D.     I’m so sorry I can’t join you.

64. X : Can I have some grapes, please?

Y : . . . do you want?

X : The red . . . please!

A.     How many – ones

B.     How much – ones

C.     Which one – one

D.     Which one – ones

65. Ghania : . . .

Aisyah : I don’t think it’s interesting.

A.     What makes you read?

B.     Why don’t you reading it?

C.     Do you like reading the story

D.    What’s your opinion about the story?

66. X : Do you think I could use your 


Y : . . . you don’t have the license yet.

A.     I’m sorry you can’t

B.     Sure

C.     Go away

D.     OK

67. X : May I have a bit of your sugar?

Y : . . . if you need it sometimes, 

      please take it by yourself in 

      the cupboard.

A.     I’m afraid not.

B.     Sure, here you are.

C.     If you’d like a little, it’s okay.

D.     Sorry, it’s nothing left.

68. X : . . .

Y : Oh, yes, please. If you do, I will do 

      another task.

A.     Would you help me, please?

B.     Can I give you something?

C.     Would you like me to help you?

D.     Will you help me?

 Read the text and answer question 69.


To: Ajeng (calss IX-4)

My congratulation for you on winning the science competition.

May God bless you and wish you are always successful.





69. Why does Firman send the card? Because . . .

A.     he wants to tell Ajeng about his exam

B.     he wants to congratulate Ajeng

C.     his exam is difficult to do

D.     he wants to be successful


The text is for questions 70 – 72.


Hi friends

I would be very glad if you could come to my birthday party on:

          Sunday evening, 11 May 2020, at 7.00 p.m.

          at my house: Jln. Kutilang 22, Jakarta.

I’m looking forward to your coming.


70. What kind of text is it?

A.     an invitation

B.     a notice

C.     an announcement

D.     a recount

71. Who will have a birthday party?

A.     my friend

B.     Dona

C.     The reader

D.    The writer

72. When will it be held?

A.     at my house

B.     last week

C.     Sunday evening

D.     Jl. Kutilang 22 Jakarta

 The text is for questions 73 – 75


Ondel-ondel  is very popular in Jakarta. It is a giant doll with a horrible face. The male ondel-ondel is dressed like a man. He has a sword at his hip and shawl over his shoulder. Its head is decorated with colourful paper string.

Ondel-ondel is made of bamboo structure. Its face is made of wood-mask. Its hair is made of palm-fibre. A man inside the structure moves dropping. A pair of ondel-ondels is usually preformed to celebrate a child circumcision. Traditional music like gambang kromong, gasidah, tanjidor, or gendang pencak, acompanies with procession. Of course children are interested in following it.

In the old days, people believed that a couple of ondel-ondel were the manifestation of God and Goddess who would protect the circumcised boy from danger or evil. New ondel-ondel is performed to welcome guest in opening ceremonies held in Jakarta and places nearby.


73.  Which part of ondel-ondel is frightening?

A.     Its shoulder

B.     Its head

C.     Its face

D.     Its hip

74. What is the main idea of paragraph 2?

A.     Who moves ondel-ondel.

B.     What ondel-ondel is made of.

C.     How to move ondel-ondel.

D.     What ondel-ondel is for.

75. “of course children are interested in following it”.

What does the word “it” refer to?

A.     The hair

B.     The structure

C.     The procession

D.     Gambang kromong

 Read the following text to answer question 76 and 77.


Dear Ghania,

Congratulation on your success as the best student in your class. Happy to hear that.


Your Best Friend



76. Which one of the statements is true?

A.     Aisyah is very smart.

B.     Ghania is Aisyah’s sister.

C.     Aisyah is Ghania’s brother.

D.    Ghania is very smart in her class.

77. How is Aisyah on knowing that Ghania is the best student in her class?

A.     She is disappointed to her.

B.     She likes her achievement to her.

C.     She is very disappointed to her.

D.     She is upset with the news.

78. Ghania : Hi, Aisyah. I heard that you have won the cooking contest.

Aisyah : That’s right.

Ghania : . . .

Aisyah : Thank you very much.

A.     Are you sure?

B.     You’re luck to win.

C.     I’m surprised on your success.

D.    Congratulations on your success.

79. X : Would you like to join us?

Y : . . .

A.     Yes, I’d like to.

B.     Yes, I do.

C.     No, I would like to.

D.     I do.

80. X : Would you like to go for a walk next 


Y : . . . but I have to do my homework.

A.     Next week on Sunday.

B.     Thanks very much. I would love to.

C.     No, I would like to.

D.     You can pick me up at 5 p.m.