Soal Latihan ASAJ/PSAJ/US Bahasa Inggris SMP

mediainggris.com - Asesmen Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (ASAJ) atau Penilaian Sumatif Akhir Jenjang (PSAJ) atau yang kita kenal dulu dengan Ujian Sekolah (US) merupakan evaluasi prestasi belajar yang mengukur pencapaian standar kompetensi siswa pada tahap akhir pendidikan mereka, melibatkan berbagai mata pelajaran yang telah mereka pelajari. Seiring berubahnya kurikulum di dunia pendidikan sepanjang waktu, perubahan dalam pendekatan penilaian siswa juga menjadi suatu kebutuhan yang penting.

Dalam kesempatan kali ini kami ingin membagikan Contoh Soal ASAJ/PSAJ/US Bahasa Inggris SMP yang bisa menjadi referensi bagi Anda untuk penyusunan soal disekolah Anda. Berikut contoh soalnya:


1. From the dialogue, we know that Dian is asking for... to Rinal.
Rinal : "Do you bring my dictionary with you now?" 
Dian       :  "I am sorry. I forgot."
Rinal :  "well but don't forget to bring  it tomorrow. I need it for the period class." 
Dian :  "well but don't forget to bring  it tomorrow. I need it for the period class." 
Rinal :  "I won't.”
A. help 
B. approval 
C. information 
D. an apology

Read the text to answer questions 2 to 5
I have a place that I love to go. It's a fort, or a clubhouse, where I can go with friends. We can 
hang out there, plan neat stuff, eat, and rest. Shadow Fort is my favorite place for lots of 

First of all, there's plenty of room for a few kids It's large (gargantuan) to me. The fort 
is 3 ft. 8 in high, 5 ft. 3 in. long, and 3 ft. 6 in. wide There's a place in back (we call it the 
pantry) for crackers grapefruit, avocados, potatoes, carrots, berries and Spanish moss. 
The roof is made of 4 ft palm leaves and smaller fronds.

Second, this fort is the first structure I ever built with the help of my friend Kevin. We built it 
during a light shower. It was only a few vines that tangled together to make a kind of cave that 
we could crawl under. We worked fast to put palm fronds and leaves over the vines. "Quick! 
Let's get inside!" I shouted to Kevin. We got inside in the nick of time. It began to rain 
powerfully, and oh how the wind blew! But our fort kept us safe and dry. Later we named it 
Shadow Fort because it sits in a shady area.

Finally, Shadow Fort is my favorite place because it has everything we need. We keep food in 
the pantry, a small cot to sit on, and we even have a plywood door. One time Kevin fell out of a Tree and hurt his ankle. I helped him back to Shadow Fort where he rested on the cot. 

Then I made some "dinner" — crackers, carrots, and berries for dessert. Can you see why 
Shadow Fort is my favorite place? I hope so. When I'm there, I feel happy as a cat with cream!

2. The text mostly talk about the writer's ...
A. Favorite interests to do with friends 
B. Favourite place to visit, Shadow Fort
C. Unforgettable story of Shadow Fort 
D. Nice experience to hang out at Fort

3. On the second paragraph, the writer describes about...
A. the roof of the room
B. the pantry at the back
C. the height of the room
D. the room for the kids at Fort

4. After reading the text above the writer really hopes that the readers will...
A. have a clear understanding about Shadow Fort. 
B. be much intersted to go to the Shadow Fort. 
C. know much how to reach the Shadow Fort. 
D. know the reason why the Fort is famous

5. "Later we named it Shadow Fort because it sits in a shady area." (Paragraph 3) 
The underlined word refers to ...
A. Fort
B. shady area 
C. Shadow Fort 
D. powerful rain

Picture for Number 6 and 7

6. What is the schedule about?
A. Flight departure 
B. Flight arrival 
C. Ticket reservations 
D. Flight destinations

7. From the schedule we can conclude that....
A. We should take flight number SJ 58 to go to Makassar. 
B. There will only be one flight to Yogyakarta this morning. 
C. There will be two international flights this morning.
D. If we want to go to Padang, our plane will depart at nine twenty.

Text for questions number 8 to 10
Last week, my dad and I went to a store. We went there to buy some daily needs.
In the store, I saw some candies. They looked so good. I would have bought a lot of them buy 
my dad said I could only have three. I gave the store owner the money for the candies.
As we left store, I ate one of the candies. It was yummy. I hope we will come back there soon 
to buy more candies.

8. Why did the writer and her dad go to the store?
A. The writer wanted some candies.
B. The writer liked the candies.
C. They knew the owner well.
D. They wanted to buy some daily needs

9. What did the writer feel about the candies? The candies were ....
A. bad 
B. delicious 
C. good 
D. the best

10. "I would have bought a lot of them ...". 
The underlined word means...
A. the writer and his father 
B. candies
C. I and the writer
D. the writer and the store owner

The following text is for questions 11 - 14
Earthquake are the vibrations caused by rocks breaking  under  stress.  The  underground  surface along which the rock breaks and moves is called a fault plane.
The  size  or  magnitude  of  earthquakes  is determined  by  measuring  the  amplitude  of  the seismic waves recorded on a seismograph and the distance of the seismograph from the earthquake. These are put into a formula which converts them to a magnitude, which is a measure of the energy released by the earthquake. For every unit increase in magnitude, there is roughly a thirty-fold increase in the energy released.
A  magnitude  8.6  earthquake  releases  energy equivalent  to  about  10.000  atomic  bombs  of  the type developed in World War II. Fortunately, smaller earthquakes  occur  much  more  frequently than large ones and most cause little or no damage.
Earthquake  magnitude  was  traditionally measured  on  the  Richter  scale.  It  is  often  now calculated  from  seismic  moment,  which  is proportional  to  the  fault  area  multiplied by the average displacement on the fault.
The focus of an earthquake is the point where it  originated  within  the  Earth.  The  earthquake epicentre is the point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus.

11. What is the main topic of the text above?
A. Earthquake in general
B. Earthquake cause
C. Earthquake power
D. Earthquake effects

12. The third paragraph explains about....
A. World War II which happened after earthquake.
B. Little damage caused by smaller frequent earthquakes.
C. The magnitude of earthquake caused by the heavy waves. 
D. The energy that comes from the magnitude of the earthquake

13. The amplitude of the seismic waves recorded on seismograph determines....
A. some energy released
B. 10.000 atomic bombs 
C. magnitude of the earthquake 
D. the rock breaks and moves

14. The report of the earthquake above will likely attract the attention of...
A. People who live in a sensitive and disturbed area of earthquake. 
B. Some teachers who are teaching their students at a big school. 
C. Policemen who are working to watch some high buildings. 
D. Some people who live near the beaches and the mountains.

The text for questions number 15 - 17
I have a doll. It is a teddy bear. It is my favorite thing. I got it from my mom. She gave it to me  on my last birthday.
It is a light brown on its body but dark brown on its hands and feet. Its head is light brown too but its snout is dark brown. It looks so cute. It is made of very soft wool so it makes me warm when I sleep with it. That is why it is always with me when I sleep. I like it very much.

15. Which statement is correct based on the text?
A. Its feet and snout are dark brown.
B. Its body and head are dark brown.
C. Its body and snout are dark brown.
D. Its head and feet are dark brown.

16. "... but Its snout is dark brown."
The word "snout" means ... of Teddy Bear
A. the eyes
B. the ears
C. the mouth
D. the neck

17. "It looks so cute."
The word cute has similar meaning to .... 
A. small 
B. big 
C. nice 
D. ugly

The following text is for questions 18 - 21
Orchid is one of ornamental plants in the form of parasite. It has been known since 200 years ago but it has been cultivates in Indonesia since last 50 years. It is mostly found in the tropical area.
Based  on  the  nature  of their  life,  orchid can be divided  into  three  groups,  namely Ephytis, Semi Ephytis, and Terrestris. Ephytis is the orchid which lives on other plants. Semi Ephytis is the orchid which lives on the other plants but do not damage the main plant. While Terrestrial is the orchid which grows on the ground.
Orchid  has  beautiful  and  unique  flowers  that are different from others. They are arranged as a compound  system  appearing  from  its  stalk.  The flower shapes as a bilateral symmetry. Its petals have the same color with the crown. The leaves are  quite thick  and  usually elongated  oval.  Its thick leaves serve to store water. Its stem is jointed and thick. This stem is coated by wax layer which serves to prevent water evaporation. It has green fruit and shaped like a capsule. Inside its fruit, there are seeds which are very small and lightweight so they are easy to get carried away by the wind to the other places. The seed will only grow if it sticks in the appropriate media because it does not have a storage to keep reserved food.
Orchid will grow well when exposed to sufficient sunlight and have a lot of food sources. The media used  to  plant  them  are  charcoal  and  brick  for ephytis orchid and semi ephytis, compost and chaff for terrestrial orchids, while broken tiles and chaff are the media for semi terrestrial orchid.

18. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
The media to grow orchid 
The food source for orchid 
Sufficient sunlight for orchid 
The exposure to grow orchid

19. What part of orchid serves to store water?
A. Leaf 
B. Stem 
C. Seed 
D. Stalk

20. "It has green fruit and shaped like a capsule".
The underlined word refers to the...
A. Leaf 
B. Stalk 
C. Plant 
D. Stem

21. The text above mainly discusses...
A. Parts of orchid
B. Various types of orchid 
C. Different color of orchid
D. Ornamental plants called orchid

The text is for questions 22 - 25
  • Prepare your fruits and vegetables by washing them thoroughly and peeling off those that need the skin removed.
  • Your  juicer  features  an  extra  wide  chute  and thus most fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, beets, celery, and others will not need to be cut into smaller pieces since they fit in the chute.
  • Make   sure   your  juice  extractor   is  properly assembled. Please follow the instructions.
  • Ensure the juice extractor and its accessories are clean by following the cleaning and  maintenance section of this manual.
  • Place the jar or any other container/glass you may wish to use to collect the juice under the spout  and  make sure  the  pulp  collector  is  in place  prior  to  begin  juicing.  Do not  allow  the pulp collector container to overfill as this may cause the unit to stall. 
  • Plug  the  power  cord  into  an  electrical  outlet and turn the power on "I".
  • Once  the  juicer  is  on,  place  the  fruits  and vegetables on the food chute and use the food pusher  slowly  to  drive  them  down.  In  order to extract the maximum amount of juice, it is important to push the food pusher slowly.
  • The juice extractor will separate the juice and the pulp in the jar and pulp collector while you are juicing.
22. The purpose of the writer in writing the passage is to.... 
A. Tell us how to operate instructions of juice extractor. 
B. Inform us the way to separate the juice and the pulp. 
C. Describe good fruits and vegetables for juicing. 
D. Show how to start the instructions of juicing.

23. Why is it important to push the food pusher slowly?
A. To drive fruits and vegetables down well.
B. To extract the maximum amount of juice.
C. To separate the juice and the pulp in the jar. 
D. To make fruits and vegetables good and fresh

24. What should we do before placing the fruits and the vegetables on the food chute?
A. Turn the power off. 
B. Use the food pusher. 
C. Separate juice skin. 
D. Turn the power on.

25. "... to be cut into smaller pieces since they fit in the chute." (instruction 2) The underlined word refers to ...
A. fruits
B. vegetables
C. smaller pieces 
D. fruits and vegetables

The following text is for questions 26 - 29
When inserting the SIM card to cell phone, make sure that the cell phone has been switched off and follow the direction bellow:
1. First of all, press the locking catch and slide the cover then lift it off the phone
2. After that, push two catches in the opposite directions and remove the battery
3. Next, slide the SIM card carefully into the slot  and  make  sure  that  the  golden connector are facing to the connector of the phone
4. Then,  put  the  battery  and  align  it  until  snaps into its place
5. Finally,  insert  the  two  catches  of  the  back cover  corresponding  slot  in  the  phone  and slide  the  cover  forward  button  of  the  phone until locks into place
6. Don't forget to switch on the cell phone

26.  The text is written to ....
A. Show how to turn on a cellphone.
B. Explain the steps to maintain the SIM card. 
C. Give guidance to insert the SIM card to cellphone.
D. Tell about the importance of inserting the SIM card to cellphone.

27. What will happen if the golden connect arson are not facing to the connector of the phone?
A. The cellphone won't be on.
B. The card will not function.
C. The card will be broken.
D. The cellphone will be broken.

28. If we don't remove the battery, we won't be able to...
A. Connect arson to the connector of the phone. 
B. Make the cell phone snap into its place. 
C. Cover the forward button of the phone.
D. Put the SIM card in the slot.

29. "Put the battery and align it until snaps into its place" 
The underlined word refers to ...
A. Connect arson to the connector of the phone. 
B. Make the cell phone snap into its place. 
C. Cover the forward button of the phone.
D. Put the SIM card in the slot.

The following text for questions numbers 30 - 33
In the morning, Little Finger and his father went ! to the jungle. When they arrived, the father asked Little  Finger  to  cut  down  a  very  big  tree.  When Little Finger was busy cutting down the tree, the father silently went home. The father thought that Little Finger could not cut down the big tree. The father was sure that Little Finger would be lost in the jungle. But he was wrong! In the morning Little Finger suddenly showed up in front of the house. And he brought 
the big tree also!
"Father,  where  do  you  want  me  to  put  this big tree?" asked Little Finger. The father was surprised. He asked Little Finger to put the tree in the  backyard.  Little  Finger  then  went  inside  the house. As always he ate all the food and that made his  father  got  angry.  He  then  had  another  idea. "Little Finger, let's go to the mountain. I need a big stone  from  there.”  Little  Finger  was  an  obedient kid. He followed his father to go to the mountain. When they arrived, his father pointed a big stone. The stone was as big as their house! “ want you to bring that big stone to our house,” asked the father. When Little Finger was trying to bring the stone, the father immediately ran home.
At night, when the father was sleeping, suddenly  he  heard  Little  Finger's  voice.  "Father, I'm home. Where do you want me to put this big stone?" this time Little Finger's father realized his mistake. It was true that Little Finger's body was small and he ate much food. But he was a nice kid and he has a great power. With that power, they could get a job and had a lot of money. The father then  apologized to Little  Finger.  Since then they always worked together.

30. What is the story about?
A. The wish of a poor family.
B. "Little Finger" an obedient son. 
C. The greedy child "Little Finger". 
D. The great power of "Little Finger".

31. What  made  Little  Finger's  father feel very angry to Little Finger at the beginning?
A. He ate much food although he had a small body. 
B. He often went to the jungle without permission. 
C. He never obeyed of what his father wanted to do. 
D. He went to the mountain to bring the stone home.

32. What is the main idea of the third paragraph?
A. Little finger's parents never gave food due to their bad poverty.
B. Little finger can live in the jungle alone without his parents' help.
C. Little finger's body was still physically small compared to the other kids.
D. Little finger's parents felt worried about their child's big eating appetite.

33.  What can we learn from the story above?
A. Don't cheat someone for a winner.
B. Don't ignore the smallest suggestions.
C. Don't judge someone just from the cover.
D. Don't easily underestimate the poor man.

The following text for questions numbers 34 - 36 

Abu Nawas, A Very Respectable Message Man

Long  time  ago,  in  the  kingdom  of  King  Aaron, Abu Nawas   was   invited   to   the   king's dinner.   Hewent to the palace in his best clothes. A servant welcomed  him  and  showed  Abu Nawas  to  his  seat.

Then,  all  ministers  came  and  sat  on  their  chairs. The  last  person  entering  the  room  was  the  king.  He  sat on his special big seat.  

On  each  plate,  there  was  delicious  roast  chicken. Its smell made people hungry. After praying, the king invited all people to eat. Abu Nawas took his  fork  and  knife.  He  wanted  to  cut  his  chicken. Suddenly the king stopped him, 'Wait Abu!'

 'Whatever  you  do  to  your  chicken,  I  will  do  that to you too,'said the king.

'For  example,  if  you  cut  the  chicken's  wing,  I  will also cut your arm.'The king said. 
Abu Nawas looked sad and disappointed. But it  was  not  long.  Soon  his  face  looked  very  bright. Suddenly he pinched the chicken's wing. The king was  surprised.  He  didn't  think  Abu  would  do  that. But  he  could  not  deny  what  he  had  said.  So  he pinched Abu arm.

Next,  Abu  patted  the  chicken's  back.  The  king also patted Abu’s back. All ministers wanted to laugh, but they didn’t dare. They just looked down their plates. After some time, he patted 
Abu’s shoulders.

‘All  right  Abu,  you  eat  your  chicken  now!'  said the king while grinning. 

 'Thank you Your Majesty,'said Abu happily.'You are  able  to  escape  from  my punishment,'  said  King Aaron with his mouth full of food.

At   that   time,   the   king   looked   amuse.   He   felt satisfied with Abu. Some ministers smiled and laughed  a  little.  Abu  didn't  really  care  about  it.  He was  enjoying  the  roasted  chicken  very  much.  There were  more  food  and  laughter  during  the  rest  of  the party. All were very much happy.

34. What is the main idea of paragraph three? 
A. The king talked to the minister to punish Abu Nawas. 
B. Abu Nawas tried to escape from the King's punishment. 
C. The King gave a punishment to Abu Nawas
D. Abu Nawas looked so disappointed

35.  Why did the minister looked dawn on their plate? Because...
A. The King patted Abu's shoulders.
B. The King patted Abu's back.
C. They did not want to laugh.
D. They did not dare to laugh.

36.  What can you learn from the story?
A. The king is as smart as Abu Nawas to solve a problem. 
B. Thinking smart is needed to save us from danger.
C. A king needs smart ideas to solve a problem. 
D. It is a smart way to be a king.

The text for questions numbers 37 - 41

37. What is the purpose of the text?
A. to advertise a supplement for woman 
B. to describe a product for adult
C. to give detailed information about the supplement 
D. to tell the value of a supplement

38.  "This product contains no artificial...." 
 the word "artificial" in the sentence means...
A. original 
B. pure
C. unnatural 
D. inexpensive

39. How many tablet are suggested to be eaten?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

40.  The product contains of things below, except...
A. milk
B. egg
C. artificial colors 
D. sugar

41.  This product contains no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, milk, egg,sugar, chemical solvent, starch or gluten. This product refers to...
A. hesperidin 
B. supplement 
C. acerola 
D. calcium

For questions numbers 42 – 48 chose the best words to complete the text. 
A  tiger once  caught  a fox  while  hunting for food.  The  fox was  very  bold. "I  am  the 
...  (42)  of the forest," he said. But the tiger grew .... (43) and said that he would eat the fox at once. "If you don't  believe me, come for a walk with me,"answered the fox  quite calmly.  "You'll  soon ....  (44)  whether all the other animals are afraid of me or not. "The tiger  .... (45) to go with the fox..........(46) all the animals saw them coming,... (47) ran away as fast as they could. The  tiger never  found  out that  ...  (48) were  really frightened of him and not the fox.

42 ...
A. owner 
B. queen 
C. king 
D. best

43. ....
A. very strong 
B. quite friendly 
C. very angry
D. rather sad

44. ...
A. saw
B. see
C. seen
D. seeing

45. ...
A. like 
B. hated 
C. agreed 
D. rejected

46. ...
A. if
B. so 
C. when 
D. because

47. ...
A. it 
B. he 
C. she 
D. they

48. ...
A. the fox
B. the tiger
C. the animal
D. the animals

49. The  best  arrangement  of the  below  sentences to make a paragraph  is   ....
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(1)  After that we  went  back  to  Solo.
(2) Last  Sunday  my  family  and I had a picnic to Ambarawa.
(3)  Then we went to Bandungan.
(4)  And we had lunch and took arrest for a while.
(5)  It was a tiring journey but I felt  happy.
(6)  My mother bought some vegetables and fruits there.
(7)  First we visited "Museum Kereta Api" in Ambarawa.
Mark only one oval.
A. (2)-(7)-(5)-(1)-(4)-(6)-(3)
B. (2)-(7)-(1)-(3)-(6)-(4)-(5)
C. (2)-(7)-(4)-(1)-(5)-(6)-(3)
D. (2)-(7)-(3)-(6)-(4)-(l)-(5)

50. Arrange these words into a good sentence! 

A. 3-6-5-4-2-1-7 
B. 3-6-5-1-7-2-4 
C. 7-2-4-5-3-6-1 
D. 3-2-4-5-7-1-6


1. D 11 C 21 D 31 A 41 B
2 B 12 D 22 A 32 D 42 C
3 D 13 C 23 B 33 C 43 C
4 A 14 B 24 D 34 B 44 B
5 A 15 A 25 D 35 B 45 C
6 B 16 C 26 C 36 D 46 C
7 B 17 C 27 B 37 C 47 D
8 D 18 A 28 D 38 C 48 D
9 B 19 A 29 C 39 A 49 D
10 B 20 C 30 D 40 C 50 B

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