Materi Bahasa Inggris Taking Phone Massege SMK Kelas XI


Taking/ Leaving Phone massage

Ekspresi Taking Phone Massege dalam bahasa Inggris
a girl checking her phone

A.  Making a Call

-      Hello, I am…..……..can/could I speak to…

-      Hello, can/May I speak to……………

-      Hello, can/could you connect me to……………..

-      Hello. I am calling for Jona. Is she in?

-      Hello, good morning, I’d like to speak to …….

-      Oh, hi, Is Jona home?


B.   Answer a Phone

-      Good afternoon. Can/may I help you?

-      Hello, What can I do for you / what can I help you?

-      Who is speaking, please?

-      Who should I say called?

-      Has she got your number?


C.   Take a Phone

-      I am sorry, he is out at the moment

-      I am sorry. He is not in today

-      I am afraid, he is not able to answer. He is busy right now

-      Could/would you leave message?

-      Any message?

-      Could you get her to ring me back, please?







D.  Connect a Phone

-      I’ll put you through to….

-      Wait a minute/hold the line, please.

-      Sure, I’ll connect you to ….

-      One moment, please

-      Just a moment, please

-      One second, I’ll get her


E.   Example Short Dialogue

Ms. Regit     : Good morning. I am Ms. Regita’s speaking. Could I help you?

Ms. Georgy  : I am Georgy from Mega Furniture. I’d like to speak to Mr. Thomas. Is he at the offine now?

Ms. Regita   : Yes he is.

Ms. Georgy  : I am his old friend Of Mr. Thomas. Please told me that I could contact him through your company

Ms. Regita   : Ok. Just a moment, please.

Ms. Regita   :  Good morning Mr. Thomas. Ms. Georgy is on the line. She needs to talk to you.

Mr. thomas  : Sorry Ms. Regita. I am busy now. Please tell her to call me in an hour.

Ms. Regita   : All right Sir, I’ll tell her

Ms. Regita   : I am sorry Ms. Georgy. Mr. Thomas is busy at the moment. Please call him in an hour.

Ms. Georgy  : Well, Ms. Regita. Thank you.

Ms. Regita   : You are welcome.