Contoh Soal Greetings, Aplogizing, and Thanking

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Greetings, Apologizing, and Thanking PG dan Essay SMP/Mts Kelas 7 Semester 1

Contoh Soal Bahasa Inggris Greetings, Apologizing, and Thanking PG dan Essay SMP/Mts Kelas 7 Semester 1

  1. Choose A, B, C, or D for the correct answer.

1.     Mr. Fuad   : Good afternoon, students.

Students    : _______________________.

A.      Goodbye, Ma’am.

B.      Good afternoon, Sir.

C.      Good afternoon, Dad.

D.      Good afternoon, Ma’am.

2.     Rosi           : How do you do, Miss. Dina?

Miss. Dina : _______________________.

A.   I am great. How about you?

B.    Fine. How about you?

C.    How do you do, Rosi?

D.   Never better.

3.     Evan            : Thanks for the gift, Abdul. I like it very much.

Abdul         : _______________________.

A.   Fine, thanks.

B.    You’re welcome.

C.    I’m so sorry for you.

D.   I am great. How about you?

4.     Widya       : I’m sorry. I can’t come to your house this afternoon.

Tia             : _______________________.

A.   You’re welcome.

B.    I’m so happy. Thank you.

C.    I am great. How about you?

D.   That’s alright. Next time maybe.

5.     Yulia         : Thanks for borrowing me a pen.

Rosa          : _______________________.

A.   It’s nothing.

B.    I’m great. How are you?

C.    I can’t come. I’m sorry.

D.   Never better. Goodbye

6.     Tuti           : _______________________.

Mei            : I’m good. How about you?

A.   My apology, Mei.

B.    How are you, Mei?

C.    I’m sorry I lose your book.

D.   Many thanks for you, Mei.

7.     Leo            : _______________________.

Ketut         : No problem.

A.   Please forgive me, I broke you glasses.

B.    I’m okay, thanks to you.

C.    See you later, Ketut.

D.   How are you?

8.     Teuku        : _______________________.

Kia            : See you!

A.   I’m sorry, Kia

B.    Thanks a lot, Kia. 

C.    I’m okay, thanks, Kia.

D.   I’ll see you soon, Kia.

9.     Bambang   : Please forgive me, I broke your bicycle. 

  It was slipped off. The road was slippery after raining.

Seno        : _______________________.

Bambang : Yes, of course.

A.   You’re welcome.

B.    I am great. How about you?

C.    I’m fine, thanks.

D.   No problem. Next time you have to be more careful.

10.  Rida          : Do you see my book? I lost it. 

Seno          : Yes, it is on the table.

Rida          : ____________________

A.   How are you?

B.    I am very good

C.    Thanks a lot.

D.   No problem.


B.    Read the following dialog.

Susan and Doni are classmates. They go to SMP Kencana Surya Depok.

Susan       : Good morning, Doni.

Doni         : Good morning, Susan. How are you today?

Susan       : I’m good, thanks. How about you?

Doni         : I feel great.

Susan       : Do you have a pencil, Don? I forgot to bring my pencil.

Doni         : Sure, I have. You can use this. 

Susan       : Thank you, Doni. I will return it after the class.

Doni         : No problem.


1.     Where does the dialog take place?

2.     When does the dialog take place?

3.     What does Susan do?

4.     How does Susan thank Doni?

5.     How does Doni help Susan?


Kunci Jawaban Bagian A

1. B                             6. B

2. C                             7. A

3. B                             8. D

4. D                             9. D

5. A                             10. C


Kunci Jawaban bagian B

1. At school

2. In the morning

3. Susan borrows Doni’s pencil.

4. By saying “Thank you”.

5. Doni lets Susan borrow his pencil.