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What is Recount Text

Recount text is a text which informs or retells events or experiences in the past that happened to the speaker or the writer. The purpose of Recount text is to inform or to entertain the listener or the readers.        

Teks recount merupakan teks yang menceritakan kembali suatu peristiwa/kegiatan yang telah terjadi/berlangsung pada masa lalu. Jadi, teks recount merupakan cerita pengalaman/peristiwa pada masa lalu.

Generic Structure of Recount Text/Struktur teks recount

1.     Orientation (orientasi): The part gives the listener or reader information about the time, the place, and those involved.

berisi pendahuluan tentang pengalaman/peristiwa yang terjadi, tokoh yang terlibat, tempat, serta waktu pengalaman/peristiwa itu terjadi/berlangsung.

2.     Series of Events: The part recounted as they happened. 

berisi rangkaian pengalaman/peristiwa yang ada dalam cerita tersebut. Bagian ini bisa terdiri atas beberapa peristiwa (events)

3.     Re-orientation / Conclusion: The part gives the speaker’s or the writer’s own view of the events and the feeling s that aroused of the time.

berisi tentang rangkuman/penutup cerita.

Language Features of Recount Text / Ciri-ciri kebahasaan recount teks

1.     Focusing on specific participants (Berfokus pada peserta khusus)

2.     Using simple past tense (Menggunakan past tense)

3.     Sometimes supporting with past continuous tense and past perfect tense (Terkadang disuport dengan past continuous dan past perfect tense.)

4.     Using adverb of times and place (menggunakan kata keterangan waktu dan tempat e.g. the first day, last month, last holiday, before school started, etc)

5.     Using conjunctions (Menggunakan kata hubung (conjunctions), misalnya: then, before, after, etc.)

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The following text is for questions 1 to 4.

On Monday morning Darren woke up late. Before leaving for school, his mother reminded him of having breakfast, but he refused. He was afraid of being late.

Darren arrived at school only one minute before the bell rang. All students walked towards the school yard. They would have a flag hoisting ceremony.

It was very hot and the sun shone very brightly. During the ceremony, Darren felt dizzy and his eyes were blurred. He tried to stand up still, but he could not hold on. He trembled and fainted.

He didn’t know what happened next. When he opened her eyes, he was in the medical room with his class teacher and Farid, his best friend. Farid gave him a glass of hot tea and a piece of bread.

1.     What is the main idea of paraghraph one?

A.    Darren woke up late.

B.     Darren skipped breakfast.

C.     Darren was afraid of arriving late at school.

D.    Darren’s mother reminded him of having breakfast.

2.     Where did Darren tremble and faint?

A.     At home.

B.     In his classroom.

C.     At the schoolyard.

D.    In the medical room.

3.     What would happen if Darrren had breakfast?

A.     His mother would be angry with him.

B.     He could attend the ceremony well.

C.     He would arrive at school early.

D.    He missed the hoisting flag ceremony.

4.     From the text, we know that ….

A.     Nobody cared about Darren

B.     Darren arrived late at school

C.     Darren felt unwell during the ceremony

D.    Farid stood up next to Darren during the ceremony.


The following text is for questions 5 to 8

I just returned from my holiday in my uncle's house in Malang. During the time, I visited many interesting places, such as Jatim Park 1 and 2, Museum Angkut, Batu Night Spectacular and Mount Bromo. However, the most memorable is my trip to Mount Bromo. It 'is the most exotic place I've ever seen. 

At that time I went with my uncle's family. We went there by car in the middle of night and arrived at around 3:30 a.m. There were already many people there. They all wore thick jackets, gloves and beanies, so did we. It was so cold that we were going to freeze. Soon, we could adapt to the weather. 

Later on we moved to Penanjakan Peak to see the sunrise. Later on we witnessed such a magnificent sunrise. Luckily, the weather was so fine that we all could see that shinning golden ball very clearly. Then, we walked up to the top of Mount Bromo. It was really hard because we had to walk through thick sand desert while it was rather cold. Arriving at the top, it was so amazing! Trust me, you should go there one day. What a wonderful place! 

Overall my last holiday is the best moment of my life. I wish I have another chance to explore Malang City.

5.     What is the text mainly about?

A.    The writer’s experience in Mount Bromo.

B.     The writer’s impression of sunrise.

C.     The writer’s unforgettable holiday in Malang.

D.    The writer’s trip to climb a mountain for the first time.

6.     What is the main idea of the second paragraph?

A.      The place was full of visitors.

B.     The writer went to Bromo by car.

C.     The writer arrived at her destination.

D.    The weather at the moment was very cold.

7.     From the text, we know that ….

A.     the writer went to Bromo with her cousin

B.     the sky was cloudly when the morning broke

C.     it is quite easy to pass through the sand

D.    the writer wore a thick jacket and beanie

8.     “They all wore thick jackets, gloves and beanies, so did we.” (Paragraph 2)

What does the underlined word refer to?

A.     The writer’s uncle family.

B.     The visitors of Mount Bromo.

C.     The writer and her uncle’s family.

D.    The people who the writer saw on her arrival.


The following text is for questions 9 to 12

Last week my friend and I were bored after two weeks of holidays, so we rode our bicycles to a beach, which is only five kilometres from where we live. 

When we arrived at the beach, we were surprised to see only a few visitors there. After having a quick dip in the ocean, which was really cold, we realised why there were not many people there. It was also quite windy. 

After we bought several hot chips at the take-away store nearby, we rode our bicycles down the beach for a while, on the hard, damp part of the sand. We had the wind behind us. Unwittingly, we were many miles down the beach. 

Before we made the long trip back we decided to paddle our feet in the water for a while, and then sit down for a rest. While we were sitting on the beach, just chatting, we realised that all the way back we would be riding into the strong wind. 

When we finally arrived home, we were both totally exhausted! 

9.     The text mainly tells us about …

A.     the situation at the beach

B.     the writer and his friend’s reason to a beach

C.     the writer and his friend’s long holiday

D.    the writer and his friend’s vacation at a beach

10.  At that time the beach was …

A.    quiet

B.     sunny

C.     crowded

D.    very clean

11.  From the text, it can be concluded that ….

A.     the water of the beach is quite warm

B.     the beach is very close to the writer’s house

C.     the writer felt tired because of cycling hard

D.    there was no food stall opened at the moment

12.  People rarely went to the beach … the water was very cold.

A.     so

B.     but

C.     and

D.    since 


The following text is for questions 13 to 16

My elder sister and I are moving into a new house this weekend, so we decided to do shopping to furnish the place. 

First, we went to an appliance store not too far from our new house, and we bought a refrigerator for the kitchen. You really can't live without one because you have to keep your food cold or frozen so it doesn't spoil. Then, we bought a washing machine to wash and dry our clothes. We don't want to go to a laundromat to do this every week like we used to do when we are in a boarding house. Next, we bought a rice cooker. We certainly need one because it can make life easier. You simply put the rice into the cooker and press the cooking button, then you can do other chores while the cooker is cooking the rice. Finally, we picked up a microwave oven. If we are in a hurry and don't have time to cook, we can place the food in the microwave and heat it up quickly. 

We haven't purchased everything we need to furnish our new place, but we think we have the basic appliances to make life more comfortable for now. 


13.  The text tells us about the writer and her sister's 

A.     new house 

B.     household chores 

C.     shopping experience 

D.    activities at new house 

14.  Where did the story take place? 

A.     At their new house. 

B.     At an appliance store. 

C.     At a furniture store. 

D.    At their boarding house. 

15.  From the text, it can be inferred that the writer and her sister .... 

A.     bought a dishwasher 

B.     just moved to a new house 

C.     use to wash their clothes 

D.    stay at a boarding house at the time 

16.  "… so it doesn't spoil." (Paragraph 2) 

The word 'it' refers to .... 

A.     the rice 

B.     the food 

C.     the house 

D.    the refrigerator 


The following text is for questions 17 to 20

When I was in 8th grade of junior high school, I participated in a painting contest which took place at the education and culture office in my town. I was competing with other 49 students. The theme of the painting was "Preserving cultural heritages in the global age". Everyone was provided with canvas but no oil paint, brush or palette. We also had only been given 180 minutes to finish our work. 

By the time the contest started, everyone immediately drew sketches on their canvas. I didn't do the same since I was still thinking of what to draw. Then, I finally had an idea and joined the others by drawing a sketch. I decided to paint a street vendor selling traditional crafts while taking a selfie with customers. I think that would be a good representation of the contest theme. 

In the middle of my painting, I realised that I didn't bring my orange paint, to paint a realistic brick colour as the background on my painting. For that, I must mix violet and orange colours. I already made the violet colour by mixing red and blue I panicked. Then, I tried to ask other contestants if they had some spares. One contestant gave me one, but it was almost empty. It wouldn't be enough for my brick background. Then, I remembered that I could get orange from mixing red and yellow. I was so surprised that I could forget such a basic combination. 

The time limit is up. I somehow managed to finish my paint at the last minutes. Then, the judge began to observe every work. When they came to my place, one of the judges asked me what colour I used for my background. I said that I mixed violet and orange to get the brick colour and other combinations for other parts of the background. Then, they left to check other paintings. 

Finally, the judges announced the winners of the competition. I was surprised that my painting became the second place. The judges commended me for my technical skill with colour combinations. 


17.  The text tells us about .... 

A.     The writer's experience in painting using colour combinations. 

B.     The writer's experience in participating on a painting competition. 

C.     The writer's feeling about winning second place in painting competition. 

D.    The writer's difficulties in painting with specific theme and limited time. 

18.  When did the writer realise that he missed a few paints? 

A.    During the painting. 

B.     At the end of the painting. 

C.     During drawing the sketch. 

D.    At the beginning of the painting. 

19.  How does the panic affect the writer? 

A.     He mixed the wrong colour. 

B.     He forgot to bring few paints. 

C.     He forgot a simple colour combination.

D.    He took a longer time to decide his painting. 

20.  The writer ... proud of his achievement. 

A.    felt 

B.     feel

C.     is feeling 

D.    was feeling 

The following text is for questions number 21 – 23.

Burhan only missed the train by a few minutes. He was annoyed. If he had walked a bit faster, he might have made his train. If he had left the house a few minutes earlier, he might have been on time.

Because he missed his train, he had to wait for the next one. He had to wait for an hour and a half.

He bought a cup of coffee and a newspaper. He found a chair to sit on. He drank his coffee and read the newspaper while he waited for the next train. It was very frustrating.

21.  Why did he miss the train?

A.     Because he had walked faster.

B.     Because he had walked slower.

C.     Because he had to wait for the next train.

D.    Because he bought a cup of coffee and a newspaper.

22.  These actions/events were happened to Burhan after he missed the train, except . . .

A.    he had to walk a bit faster

B.     he had to wait for the next train

C.     he had to wait for an hour and a half

D.    he bought a cup of coffee and a newspaper

23.  How did Burhan feel?

A.    Upset 

B.     Happy

C.     Excited

D.    cheerful

The following text is for questions number 24 – 28.

Two months ago Irman had a futsal tournament in Makassar. The team was flying down, but they had to book separate flights. As usual, he didn't plan ahead so he spent the night before his 5 AM flight packing.

Irman's family was in the process of moving and everything was kind of a mess so he grabbed a random bag from one of the moving boxes. The next morning at the airport, he put his carry-on bag on the conveyor belt and stepped through the gate... and security pulled him quickly out of line.

Somehow, a box cutter had wound up in the bag. At 5 AM, he had to call his father for help. In turn, his father had to call a family friend who worked at that airport to go in and straighten things out. After several hours, he was declared not a threat. But he missed the flight.

It Was very Trustrating

24.  Why did Irman have to go to Makassar?

A.     He would have a vacation.

B.     He would have a futsal tournament.

C.     His team had to book separate flights.

D.    His family was is process of moving there.

25.  What did Irman do before going to the airport?

A.     He grabbed boxes.

B.     He took a box cutter.

C.     He took his own bag.

D.    He grabbed a random bag from one of the moving boxes.

26.  What happened to Irman at the airport the next morning when he put his carry-on bag on the conveyor belt and stepped through the gate?

A.     He had to wait for boarding.

B.     He had to wait for the next flight.

C.     He had to call his father to say goodbye.

D.    The security pulled him quickly out of line.

27.  What did Irman do after the security pulled him out of line?

A.     He called his father to say goodbye.

B.     He called his father to bring him his bag.

C.     He called his father to him a box cutter.

D.    He called his father to help him from the security.

28.  What happened at the end?

A.     Irman was declared a threat but he got his flight.

B.     Irman was declared a threat and he missed his flight.

C.     Irman was declared not a threat and he got his flight.

D.    Irman was declared not a threat but he missed the flight.

The following text is for questions no. 29-35.

My favorite vacation that I can remember was when I visited Bali, Indonesia. I went there when I was 7 years old. It is a beautiful island in Indonesia. It was a long flight to get there from New York, but once we were there, we relaxed on the pure white sands of the beach and enjoyed the rest of our vacation. 

We stayed in a beautiful hotel at the Nusa Dua beach away from the town. The weather was warm and sunny everyday. The hotel had seven lagoons and swimming pools with beautiful blue colored water. They also had a huge waterfall above the swimming pool so I could swim under it. I had a lot of fun splashing water around.

We got a complimentary bowl of fruit in our room everyday. It included an Asian fruit called dragon fruit, which is actually a cactus. Dragon fruit tastes wonderful! It is sweet and crunchy, and tastes like kiwi and pear mixed together. They also served us pears, apples, and plums along with the dragon fruit. Since our guest room was on the first floor, I could walk out to the balcony and dive straight into the lagoon. It was a lot of fun because I could swim while my parents could watch me from the room.

I remember visiting the city of Denpasar, which was half an hour away from our hotel. It was a very beautiful city with lots of green trees and plants. There were a lot of stores selling colorful wooden artwork, which was made by local artists. Balinese people love art so they make different types of art such as paintings, sculptures, and woodcarving. The stores were small shops unlike ot of big supermarkets in America. The people were very friendly, helpful, and courteous. They spoke the local languages, Balinese and Indonesian, which I could not understand, but they also spoke broken English. Bali has one main religion, Balinese Hinduism, which 93.8% of the people follow and other minor religions such as Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. Ball also has man dances such as the Pendet. which is a religious dance; Legong, which is a dance. for entertainment; Baris, which is a war dance; and Topeng, which is a mask dance.

My vacation to Bali was the best vacation for me because it was unique. I loved the hotel we stayed in and the delicious fruits I ate as well. I hope every one can visit Ball at least once and enjoy it as much as I did!

29.  Who was the writer?

A.     He came trom New York and nad a vacation to Bali 7 times.

B.     He came from New York and had a vacation to Bali for 7 years.

C.     He came from New York and had a vacation to Bali since 7 years ago.

D.    He came from New York and had a vacation to Bali when he was 7 years old.

30.  Where did he stay in Bali? 

A.     in a beautiful hotel in Denpasar

B.     in a beautiful hotel near the town

C.     in a beautiful hotel near Denpasar

D.    in a beautiful hotel in Nusa Dua beach

31.  Who did the writer go to Bali with?

A.     his friends

B.     his parents

C.     local artists

D.    a tourist guide

32.  The writer enjoyed the followings in Bali, except . . . 

A.    He enjoyed the mountains.

B.     He enjoyed the Asian fruits he ate.

C.     He enjoyed the arts and cultures of Balinese people.

D.    He enjoyed the facilities of the hotel he stayed at Nusa Dua beach.

33.  How far is city of Denpasar from the hotel?

A.     an hour

B.     thirty minutes

C.     fifteen minutes

D.    forty five minutes

34.  What did he feel?

A.     Upset

B.     Excited

C.     Embarrassed

D.    disappointed

35.  What is the purpose of writing the text?

A.     to make the readers know about Bali

B.     to tell the readers of the beauty of Bali

C.     to tell the readers about the writer's vacation in Bali

D.    to persuade the readers to visit and enjoy the beautiful of Bali

The following text is for questions no. 36 – 42.

My name is Thomas, and I like playing soccer very much. There was an accident that made me sad about my legs. I think my first memories started when I was about four or perhaps five years old. I remember falling from a tree and breaking my legs I think I was playing in the garden alone. I began to cry and shouted out my mom. Then, my mom and my dad took me to the hospital. I felt sad because I can't play soccer anymore. Then, my parents gave me a support to made me recovery. Finally, now my legs are  healed and I can play soccer again.

36.  What sport does the writer like very much?

A.     Basketball

B.     Badminton

C.     Softball

D.    Soccer

37.  What accident happened to Thomas?

A.     His legs were broken.

B.     He was falling from a tree.

C.     He played in the garden alone.

D.    He like playing soccer very much.

38.  How did Thomas feel when his legs were broken?

A.     happy

B.     excited

C.     cheerful

D.    sorrowful

39.  What did Thomas do when he was falling from a tree?

A.     He ran to his mom.

B.     He cried and ran to his mom.

C.     He cried and shouted out his mom.

D.    He ran and shouted out his mom.

40.  What did the writer's parents do when their son was falling from a tree?

A.     They ran to Thomas.

B.     They sat on the chair.

C.     They took Thomas to the hospital.

D.    They carried Thomas into the house.

41.  "Then, my mom and my dad took me to the hospital." The italic word refers to?

A.    Thomas

B.     my dad

C.     my mom

D.    my legs

42.  What is the purpose of writing the text?

A.     to make the readers know about soccer

B.     to tell the readers about falling from the tree

C.     to make the readers know the writer's experience

D.    to persuade the readers to excited get the recovery again

The following text is for questions no. 43-48.

Last weekend, I visited my cousin's house. His name is Ran. There were manv activities we did there. In the morning, Ryan and I had breakfast. We had traditional food. I liked it very much. After breakfast, he took me to the garden behind his house. The garden was very big and beautiful. I spent a long time feeding the birds. I also took pictures with those beautiful birds.

After visiting the bird cage, we took a rest and had lunch under a big tree. We watched butterflies flying above colorful flowers. In the afternoon, we swam in the pool in the backvard. It was so run. I really enjoyed visiting Ryan's house.

43.  What does text tell about?

A.     a big garden

B.     a big bird cage

C.     a picture of bird

D.    a holiday at cousin's house

44.  What does the last paragraph tell about?

A.     Ryan had butterflies as his pet.

B.     The writer's cousin is a good swimmer.

C.     There are a lot of flowers in Ryan's house.

D.    The writer had a good time with his cousin.

45.  Where did the writer spend his afternoon?

A.     under a tree

B.     inside big bird cage

C.     in the flower garden

D.    in the swimming pool

46.  "I really enjoyed visiting Ryan's house". The synonim of italic word is _

A.    fun

B.     hate

C.     dislike

D.    disappointed

47.  From the text, we know that . . .

A.    The writer spent his/her holiday at his /her cousin's house.

B.     The writer lived in the same village with his/her cousin.

C.     The writer liked butterflies and swimming very much. 

D.    The writer had gone and visited many places during his holiday.

48.  Which statement is not true about the text? 

A.     Ryan has a big garden behind his house.

B.     Last month the writer visited his/her cousin's house.

C.     The writer did many activities in his/her cousin's house.

D.    Ryan has a swimming pool in his backyard.

The following text is for questions no. 49-53.

Last holiday I went to Paris. I visited museums and sat in public gardens. A friendly waiter taught me a few words of French. Then he lent me a book. I read a few lines, but I did not understand a word. Every-day, I thought about postcards. My holidays passed quickly, but I did not send any cards to my friends. On the last day I made a big decision, I got up early and bought thirty seven cards. I spent the whole day in my room, but I did not write a single card.

49.  Whom did the writer meet in Paris?

A.    He met man who lent him a book.

B.     He met man who took him to French.

C.     He met man who worked in the museum

D.    He met man who gave him thirty seven cards.

50.  "I read a few lines, …”

What does the underlined phrase mean . . .

A.     words in a postcard

B.     texts on the book

C.     museum guiding

D.    menu's book

51.  What did he do in the last day in Paris?

A.     went to Paris

B.     sent thirteen cards

C.     went to buy many cards

D.    wrote post cards whole day

52.  "Then he lent me."

The italic word refers to . . .

A.     an old man

B.     a nice waiter

C.     annoying waiter

D.    a friendly tourist

53.  "I made a big decision."

The italic word has similar meaning to . . .

A.    result

B.     fixed

C.     option

D.    hesitation

The following text is for questions no. 54-60.

Last month, I went to Surabaya with my friend for vacation. We went there on a night bus. When we arrived in Lamongan, the bus stopped at a small restaurant for a rest. I got off the bus to get a cup of ginger tea, and my friend drank some cold lemonade. Then I went to the toilet. It took only a few minutes.

When I came out again, the bus was not there. It had gone! My friend was not there too. Feeling shocked and confused, I asked a waiter about the bus. She said that the bus departed about five minutes ago. I tried to call my friend on my phone, but the battery as running low. I could not do anything but hope and pray. After several minutes, my wish came true. The bus came back! I got on the bus and walked to my seat. I was so ashamed when everybody on the bus looked at me. I could feel my face turn red.

54.  What is the best title of the text above?

A.     My Vacation

B.     Vacation with Family

C.     Vacation to Surabaya

D.    Vacation to Foreign Country

55.  What did the writer do when the bus stop for rest in Lamongan?

A.    The writer went to the toilet.

B.     The writer bought some souvenirs.

C.     The writer drank some cold lemonade

D.    The writer got off the bus to get a cup of ginger tea.

56.  What did the writer feel when the bus is not there?

A.     The writer ashamed

B.     The writer disappointed

C.     The writer sad and angry

D.    The writer shocked and confused

57.  How many friend that the writer had to join the vacation?

A.    one

B.     two

C.     three

D.    four

58.  What did the writer's friend do when the writer buy a cup of ginger tea?

A.     He/she went to the toilet.

B.     He/she bought some foods.

C.     He/she drank a cup of coffee.

D.    He/she drank some cold lemonade.

59.  "The bus was not there. It had gone!"The word it in second paragraph refers to . . 

A.    the bus

B.     the writer

C.     the waiter

D.    the writer's friend

60.  "Feeling shocked and confused".

The synonym of italic word is

A.     upset

B.     scared

C.     surprised

D.    astonished

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