Expression of Greeting, Leave-Taking, Gratitude, and Apology

Expression of Greeting

Greeting is something that is said or done to show people that you are happy to meet or see them. It is also defined as a message that expresses good wishes to someone. When you meet someone, greet him/her properly.
Expression of GreetingResponsesnote
Good morning/afternonn/evening.Good morning/afternonn/evening.
Hi! Hello!Hi! Hello!
How do you doHow do you do
How are you?I am fine, thank you.
I am great, thanks.
Pretty good. I suppose.
Very well, thank you.
I am okay, thanks.
Not Bad.
Never better.
If you meet someone you have not already known, you greet him/her "How do you do?".
If you meet someone you have known, you greet him/her "How are you?", "How are you doing?", How are things?", "How is life?"
How are you doing?
How is life?
How is your day?
How are things?
Nicce to see you.Nice to see you too.
Glad to see you.Glad to see you too.
Pleased to meet you.Pleased to meet you too.

Expression of Leave-Taking

Leave Taking is an act of going away and saying goodbye. It is also used when you want to end a conversation politely.
Expressions of Leave-TakingResponses
Formal Informal
I am afraid I have to go now.Good bye!Bye!
I am afraid it's time to say goodbye.Good night.Good night.
I am afraid I should be going.See you around!See you!
See you later!So long.
See you tomorrow!Sure. See you.
I look forward to seeing you again Soon.Have a nice evening.Thanks, you too.
I hope you have a good journey.Have a nice dream.
Have a nice trip.

Expression of Gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation ot thanks.
Expressions of GratituddeResponsesNotesNotes
Thank you.You're welcome.
My pleasure.
Don't mention it.
Not at all.
Any time.
It's nothing.
More formal
Thank you very much.More formal
Many thanks.Informal
Thanks a lot.Formal-informal

Expression of Apology

Apology is a statement saying that you are sorry about something; an expression of regret for having done or said something wrong; or an expression of regret for not being able to do something.
Expressions of ApologyResponsesExamples
I'm sorry for …
I'm sorry [that] I …
That's alright.
Never mind.
It's okay.
No problem.
I'm sorry for being late.
I'm sorry I am late.
Forgive me for …
Forgive me [that] I …
Forgive me for not coming to your party.
Forgive me that I cannot come to your party.
I apologize for …
I apologize for [that] I …
I apologize for dropping your glasses.
I apologize I drop your glasses