Assistive touch on Android; What is Assistive Touch? and How to Activate it?

Have an android phone but want to have an assist touch like the iPhone? Don't worry, this can also be applied to Android phones. Android phones owned by someone will have an assistive touch when reading the method below.

Assistive touch on Android; What is Assistive Touch? and How to Activate it?
Assistive Touch

Assistive touch on Android; What is Assistive Touch? and How to Activate it?
Opened Assistive Touch

What is Assistive Touch?

For those who have an iPhone might know what is called an assistive touch. This assist touch makes the iPhone brand different from other smartphone brands.

The assistive touch button is a virtual symbol that contains various features that can be accessed quickly. This button will make it easier for users to use mobile phones.

Well, who would have thought that Android could also? Android can also activate the assistive touch button inside. That way it will make the android look like it has the same features as iOs.

Many android users use this button. Besides providing convenience, there are several features that can be accessed.

These features include a home key, volume key, speed boost, one-touch boost, clean RAM. In addition, there are also setting buttons that can change the assistive touch icon and its background.

Then you can add your favorite custom features and more. All of this depends on the user's wishes.

How to activate Assistive Touch on Android?

After knowing what assistive touch is, it will certainly make anyone want to apply this virtual button on their Android. How to activate assistive touch on android is very easy and not complicated.

There are several ways that must be done in stages so that the assistive touch can be applied in Android. The following information must be known:

Download / Download Assistive Touch

The first step is downloading the assistive touch application for android. This application can be downloaded on the Google Play Store or HERE. Lots of information about this application. Besides this application is also often used by many people.

Once downloaded, open the assistive touch application on the cellphone. Then change the disabled mode setting to enabled by sliding the large circle found on the cellphone screen. It is intended that the assistive touch button becomes active and appears on the cellphone screen.

Change Assistive Touch Icon Color as You Wish

After the button is active, the assistive touch button will appear on the user's cellphone screen. Users can also change the background color of the virtual button as desired.

Lots of colors offered and users can choose their own. That way will make the display of assistive touches on Android become more cool and interesting.

Change Assistive Touch icon as desired

After changing the background color, users can also change the assistive touch icon. Lots of icons that can be seen and replaced. This is adjusted to the user's wishes. This will also enhance the assistive touch button on the user's android.

Set Features That Will Be In Assistive Touch

After changing the colors and icons, the next step is to set the application/feature in the assistive touch button. In this menu, the user will be presented with 2 choices namely display and panel settings. This is adjusted to the tastes/desires of the user

Assistive Touch Ready to Use

Assistive touch on Android is already active. Very easy right? That way the user can feel the Android feels like iOS. Then users can also enjoy the convenience of accessing features through the assistive touch button.

Well, that's information about how to activate assistive touch on android easily. With this information, of course, will make Android users tempted to use it.

Besides being able to look like an iPhone, this button also provides convenience/shortcuts to certain features. This will certainly make it easier for users to use it. Good luck!