Expressions of Hope, Wish, and Congratulation

Expressions of Hope and Wish

Hope and wish have similiar meaning. We use hope and wish to express our desire or to pray for someone's success, achievement, and good fortune. Mostly, we use hope to express a desire that possible or likely to happen. We use wish to express a a desire that is impossible or unlikely to happen. To Express a future desire, hope usually takes a simple present verb. The point of expressing hope is expecting good things to happen in the future.

  1. I hope you will get the good score. {It's possible for you to get the good score.}
  2. Heni hopes he will be the champion of the race. {It's possible for him to be the champion.}
  3. I wish he would tell me the secret. {It's impossible for him to tell me the secret.}
  4. My classmates wish that I could be with them next month. {It's unlikely for me to be with them next month.}
  5. We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. {It's a pray that you will be cheerful, lively, and happy in this Christmas and new year.}
  6. Wish me luck. {It's a pray that I will get lucky.}

Expressions of Congratulation

Congratulating someone is a part of compliment. Compliment is a polite expression of praise or admiration. We use the expression of giving compliment to admire or praise or appreciate someone for his/her good work/performance, his/her success, his/jer achievement, and his/her good fortune.

Thank you.
I'm glad you like it.
I'm glad you think so.
Thank God.
It's very good pf you to say so.
How nice of you to say so.
Congratulations on your succeeds!
That's great!
Pretty good!
Well done!
Good job!
Happy birthday!
Happy New Year!
Happy Anniversary!
Let me congratulate you!
I'd like to congratulate you on …